Bafana Coach On Brazilian Payroll?

While I am nursing my post football World Cup blues, a few friends are having a wash down in the English Premier League friendlies this weekend. Chelsea play Crystal Palace and Arsenal have Barnet. I forgive you if you feel like you are having unsweetened ice tea. If you are in South Africa, there will be a touch royalty when Highlanders FC of Zimbabwe’s City of Kings touches Johannesburg for a date with Jomo Cosmos of South Africa.

I suspect South African Football Association are still in dreamland after the World Cup. What gives me the goose bumps is that their slumber seems destined for the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. They are paying the Bafana Bafana coach, Pitso Mosimane for grooming Brazilians. Me and you, because we are not so clever, would have thought that if Pitso leant a thing from Carlos Alberto Parreira in the last for years, he would take over Bafana, impart that knowledge to his potential successor or Junior coaches of Amajita or Amajimbos. Given Brazilians are struggling to find Dunga’s replacement, it befits the arrangement of Jairo deputising Pitso until Brazil give him the job. If Pitso fail South Africa, they will get Parreira again, and give him Gavin Hunt to understudy him for 4 years. Then it will be Owen Da Gama, Roger De Sa and Steve Khompela in that order. Parreira will be 110 years old then and Bafana will be as ordinary as Zimbabwe cricket side.  

The English FA just discovered something that has eluded them since the days of Sir Isaac Newton. I suspect he actually rose from the grave for a moment and went to the FA offices. They just figured England football coach, Fabio Capello has to groom English man to take over after he fails again. Stuart Pierce has been keeping the Italian crew company for a fee. I am not sure how much Italian he understands, or speaks. He is likely to be the interpreter for the new guy. Alternatively, Capello will be changing his nationality before the end of his current contract so he can sign a new one as English.


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