Football, Rugby and Vuvuzela.

The World Cup is said to have brought South Africans together. I am redoing my friend list, shaping it with only those who believe in that. A few of my friends try to tell me how boring it was; the vuvuzela and the empty seats. They just show me how many World Cups South Africa was hosting.

Vuvuzela have been blown in football and rugby matches for a while now. They are a football thing and will always be an instrument of enjoyment for fans. There will never be a way for people to watch any sport without a vuvuzela noise, especially black people. All South Africans, black and white know this..

One that I trusted went on to show me how Italy played rugby in my City during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and there was not even one vuvuzela in the stadium. He claims the authorities warned to take the instrument and shove it somewhere if one blew the vuvuzela. I heard one blow on TV though.

As the unifying factor, the Springboks are expected to play a Tri-Nations Cup match against All Blacks of New Zealand in August 21, at the Soweto based 94700 seater Soccer City, taking rugby to the Black majority community. They insist they want the name should be changed from Soccer City Stadium to National Stadium, but it is understood it is officially FNB Stadium once more. They have warned against vuvuzela blowing.

Basically, football has been ‘black’ in South Africa, and rugby always ‘white’. With that in mind, you would think, what a way to unite. I was prepared to do all in my power to go to the Stadium for rugby. Maybe I should not have written this. It is too negative.


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