Cannavarro The Octopus.

It was such a surprise to see Italy exit the 2010 FIFA World Cup in such a big hurry. It will take a long while to understand that a man blessed with the enviable psychic gift of the famous Paul The Octopus, Cannavaro, is their Captain.

Fabio Cannavaro predicts John Terry being axed by Fabio Capello before the next England campaign. He foresees England doing better later on, endorsing the FA decision to keep Capello. That is rocket science and coming from Italia, we can only say “Priceless”.

David Beckam’s desire to see Ronaldinho in the LA Galaxy books is a visionary and progressive action Americans need to heed seriously. Few believe the Brazilian is spent. I think so too. His sale-by date is around the corner and he will do good for the MLS. 

As soon as David says that though, I get a gut feeling he may be buying the whole American team. Afterall, Landon Donovan once accused Becks of stingy tendencies. It may not be a bad idea after all. What happened to Canadian born NBA star Steve Nash’s ages old desire to buy Tottenham Hotspurs?


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