Extra Referees For Champions League – IFAB.

In a day the world had fooled itself to hear about the much talked about goal-line video technology, FIFA announced that matches in this season’s Champions League will have two additional assistant referees, and of course, no word, as expected on goal-line cameras.

The International Football Associations Board technical subcommittee extended an experiment carried out in last year’s Europa League to other FIFA competitions. This year’s Champions League will be the most notable one. This will then be reviewed in the 126th IFAB Annual General Meeting in 2012.

This resolution of the two additional referees assistants will also be used in the Asian Football Confederation President’s Cup in September, the French League Cup, the UEFA Super Cup as well as domestic competitions in Brazil and Mexico.

It is said FIFA and the IFAB’s technical sub-committee will discuss goal-line technology in October, which is a little contradictory to me, reading form their proposal to revisit the 2 extra referees assistants who will be manning the goal area, in an AGM in 2012.

May be as usual, it’s me.

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2 comments on “Extra Referees For Champions League – IFAB.

  1. waal to me it might sound proper of late there are goals that have bn dissalwd and goals that have bn allowed with the referee giving a final say, most refs dont listen to lines man whn it comes to such goals and its so diffucult for them to reverse a goal given or a goal not given, i think such close monitoring will give teams true goals.. for example the jus ended world cup, i think england must hve got their goal stolen whn the ref disallowed a clear goal.. but if there was close monitoring they were going to get the goal.

    • The pain of being denied the goal you think you scored out of your class is as bad as the goal that is you defended with all your might and one child tells you ‘tough luck, go home’. If these law makers had an idea, they would listen to the voice of reason, but then, what is reason?

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