It Never Rains at Bosso: Bus Attached, 3 Players Fired.

Highlanders FC may be travelling on foot after their bus was attached by the Deputy Sheriff for a USD 15 000, 00 debt to a local businessman. The money from the Bosso vs Cosmos money may come in handy on this one. The club is launching some SMS competition sometime to raise money and it is not clear how that works. As if that was not enough, the legal team of Madinda Ndlovu, who is owed good money, are lodging their papers with the courts. My understanding is that “Bro Shakes” is owed over USD 35 000, 00. My Magnetic Tactical Coaching Board I write it off. It is one less debt, at least, but I suspect there is more coming.

Bosso have fired Siza Khoza, Chipo Tsodzo and Gladmore Tembo. You will remember that Joel Luphahla and goalkeeper Ndodana Sibanda hit the ground for disciplinary issues a few months back. The Chronicle quotes Themba Ndlela, the Highlanders Chairman as saying they will be promoting juniors to replace the former players. The report claims Ndlela says the mid year meeting saw many complaints about junior policy that seems redundant and they are now utilising those resources because the team has no money.


5 comments on “It Never Rains at Bosso: Bus Attached, 3 Players Fired.

  1. The demise of the once great team is imminent, the debts are enormous. This will in turn affect the morale of the players on the football pitch. The great leadership of Ndumiso Gumede comes to mind when things deteriorate in this fashion. What Bosso needs is an appeal for a cash injection from its supporters in the diasapora, otherwise they will be playing at Greenspan next season. Lafa elihle sibili! Khala mantengwane!

  2. Highlanders need to identify the product they are selling. Is it good football, players or merchandize. The team has lost direction and like the current political captains of our country the leadership of Bosso never take or deal with outside former Bosso connects .(former players, administrators ,coahes or productive members or fans).

    • Very true, Isaac. To start with, it is mandatory to sell football, and quality football in that matter. Result may take a liitle longer to be regularly positive.

      That aspect will naturally market the merchandise as the crowds swell. The Bosso community expands and players get even better. One good sale per year will not be a bad thing for Bosso.

      It feels like their problems were inherited, but then, where are the sponsors? Now they will play in a semi-final. I hope desperation pressure does not overwhelm the boys.

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