Highlanders FC Fly High Into The Semi-finals.

Highlanders FC 1, Monomotapa 0.

Highlanders FC Bosso, earned themselves a much-needed semi-final spot when they beat Monomotapa by an odd extra-time goal this afternoon at BF. Amahlolanyama always had the advantage of having had an international practise match last weekend, when they stormed into Johannesburg amid hype for a charity match that they drew 0-0 with South African Jomo Cosmos FC, at the Johannesburg Stadium.

Highlanders are now expected to meet Dynamos FC of Harare, in a match the sponsors are likely to have at Emagumeni, in a BancABC SUP8R Cup semi-final. The tournament was twice postponed making way for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Progress in a Cup tie like this can only make things better for Bosso. Fans must do their part and revive the days of old that so many people talk about. Make it for yourselves. The executive do their part, the players won this game, now the fans must fill that stadium.

Cup holders, Lengthens clashed against league champions Gunners at Rimuka in another fixture. Monomotapa parted ways with coach Maxwell Takaendesa Jongwe and elevated assistant coach Taurai Mangwiro to lead the team for the remainder of the season a  few days back but they can not blame that defeat on the bad decisions they make when they have better ones to make.

For your kind knowledge, Methembe Ndlovu’s Bantu Rovers FC are coached by coach Gift Lunga (Senior).


8 comments on “Highlanders FC Fly High Into The Semi-finals.

  1. That fence must be removed and very illegal. Pay stewards to watch crowd violence (AJC) Another job creation .

  2. the name of this team feels me with emotion. it takes me to the days when i used to say ngapha kuvuliwe so that i cud sneak in and watch u zemura. i wonder if the atmosphere is still the same at emagumeni. umajola akanamathambo bathi udlala njani engenamathambo. umajee loyo. i miss home.

  3. i can`t wait 2 get the results of the semi-final. u know what , they must win this cup. they need the money, every single cent!

    • Phelani, my humble opinion is that the boys thought this team is a small team. I think they were awakened by the Johannesburg reception. They know the team is not ordinary, thereofre they must not put up ordinary performances. We eagerly await. As for the cash, you can say that again.

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