10 Reasons Why You Should See ZAMBEZI EXPRESS.

1. It is being described as “the happiest show on Earth”. It is an excellent show.

2. The football musical, Zambezi Express, is the first ever of its kind to come to us all the way from Zimbabwe. You love diski. This is a diski story. The best ever told.

3. It tells the story of a young boy from a modest background who, against all the odds, succeeds in becoming a football star. It is a story most of us relate to, and will further inspire you more where ever you set your sights. 

4. It reflects the inspirational stories of the 30 artists who put on this dynamic show with their songs and dance. The smooth flow of engagements of routines is incredible. They give a 5 star performance in a way never seen.

5. The positive energy in the show gets absorbed into your system and giving you a long-lasting ‘happy-factor’. No matter your bad life issues, they will be gone after this one.

6. With so many international reviews and acclaim, you do not want to be told by strangers about the show you should be telling them about. It is the one for you to say ‘I was there, I saw it live’.

7. It is an encouraging story of hope and faith in your aspirations. The inspiration you get from the story and the creators is a message you will not get anywhere, that your future is in your hands, that all things are possible.

8. The dancing is electric. You will love all the choreography, moves and athleticism in the show. There may be a few steps and jiggling for you to learn as well. The crew will keep you so captured.

9. The music is out of this world, interweaving with the unfolding of a great story in a very seducing way. The African beat, the drums, the singing African voices and generally the value of entertainment.

10. You will love Saimon Mbazo Phiri. I love him too. He is  the director of the theatre company Siyaya, a man of many talents and a humble and gifted man of status. It is a splendid work of directorship you will not see anywhere. The crew outfits will just make you soft, hot and just WOW!

The show runs from 6-30 August 2010, in Aberdeen at the Assembly Hall.


3 comments on “10 Reasons Why You Should See ZAMBEZI EXPRESS.

  1. Saw Zambezi @ Riverside Studios last year and definately catching up with them at Edinburgh. I thought they were from South Africa, I guess I was wrong.

  2. Please note that the current show, Zambezi Express is a “football theatre story”.
    Set to pounding African beats, thirty high-energy performers re-tell the action-packed tale of one boy’s pursuit of the ultimate footballing dream, from the backstreets of a Zimbabwe township to triumph in South Africa.
    It’s a tense, taught… story, fraught with danger, drama and adventure. It’s the beautiful game as it’s never been seen before. It’s Zambezi Express: the incredible all-singing soccer show that’s in a league of its own.
    This is the stage musical as never conceived before, and this is the beautiful game as it’s never been seen before. No pun intended: this piece of theatrical football is in a league of its own.

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