FIFA Goal- line Technology

This smart phone thing is getting ridiculous. The iPhone is trying to set the pace n Blackberry refusing to lag behind. Saudi Arabia is banning some of the Blackberry Applications. The chasing pack will include Nokia, LG, Samsung and others.

I grew up in a very rural environment having to fetch and milk cows before going to school in winter and fetching cattle and ploughing my portion in summer. For political reasons I then schooled so far away from my parents, such that, once a month I had to go to the headmaster’s office and wait for a phone call. Then, there were part line phones. When it rang, ‘No, it’s not yours, it’s for the Reverend’ 5 kilometres away, then it would be for the farmer and the grocery shop. Now our children have smart phones. Wow.

In my child’s school lab, I asked to see a Geiger Mueller Tube. My daughter in typical family fashion just said, ‘Dad, we have a Geiger Fabregas Tube’. Arsenal fans! There was not even the CRO’s we knew. The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope has been made redundant by technology. We used this for our simple harmonic motion experiments. The GMT was for radioactivity studies.

All things are digital now. You will remember the German manufacturers of this gadget telling FIFA that the excuse of the Goal-Line Technology as expensive is lame because once installed, FIFA don’t have to pay for its flight or pay its salaries like the 2 extra officials. They went on to say that once fixed, it should remain in place almost for life.

The fears of a blackout when it is actually needed was actually quashed by my 14-year-old daughter who wondered how football would be going on in the dark. The manufacturers say even so, if it happens, the device will be in the stadium. The extra 2 officials may actually be stranded at an airport somewhere because of the volcano ash.

 Until an October meeting that does not guarantee any outcome, who if it is available and favourable, will be implemented next year in March, earliest, FIFA are adamant to remain analogue, actually, just rurally human.


5 comments on “FIFA Goal- line Technology

  1. An Appeal System is the Most Productive
    The most straightforward system to introduce is an Appeal System
    allowing both teams to question decisions in an official way.
    Goal line Technology.Graham Poll about FIFA and Goal line Technology.
    Legendary ex-international and premiership referee Graham Poll answers questions about Goal line Technology.

    • FIFA givge an excuse that some of these methods slow down the game. With so many appeals in each match, surely they will not be happy with the suggestion. Their latest on the issue is some technology to look solely at the ball crossing the line and nothing else. I think this is misplaced because those cases occur once in a blue moon at each stadium while other contentious decisions rob good teams of their hard work results.

      • Hi.
        There should be 2-3 Appeal PER match at each Team.
        Nobody says that there must be lots of Appeals.
        2-3 Appeal PER match could lead the game on another level of
        quality and credibility.
        Some blatant moment in the game could be fixed if revised openly.

        Look what is said about “Appeal System” by some professionals.

        Gary Lineker about Goal-Line Technology and “appeal system” in football.

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