Zimbabwe Warriors Beat By Botswana Zebras

(Image from BBC Sport)

The Zebras of Botswana are on a rampage. They beat Zimbabwe Warriors in a friendly international in Selebi Pikwe, blasting in 2 goals without reply. The Warriors themselves are even considered by Malawi and Togo as small fish, both teams refusing to give them a friendly match on the 11th of August, 2010. Zimbabwe will play Ghana on the 8th of September, 2010 as they prepare for their Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Swaziland.

There is clear evidence that Botswana football is on the rise. They have attained a level of understanding and a brand of football that suits them. Botswana beat both Chad and Tunisia  by 1-0, in the Africa Nations’ Cup qualifiers.

The rise and rise of Botswana football can be credited to proper football education. Stanley Tshosane, the Botswana Zebras coach has an Advanced International Coaching Diploma for Foreign Coaches and Trainers on Modern Brazilian Football, attained from Rio De Janeiro from October 29 to December 3, 1999  at Brazilian Football Academy. He was my class-mate with other 18 international coaches.

Meanwhile, the investigations of corruption at 53 Livingstone Road got two officials suspended. A Malawian agent is reported to have offered Dynamos USD400 000,00 from TP Mazembe,  to help them fulfil their Champions’ League fixture. Somehow Dembare are said to have not taken the cash.

Monomotapa are said to have been offered the same bundle last year when they on to beat Heartland of Nigeria. Mazembe benefited from the result by topping the group. Monomotapa later sold 3 players to Mazembe and are owners of a very nice liner luxury coach. Nobody is saying these incidents are related.


4 comments on “Zimbabwe Warriors Beat By Botswana Zebras

    • It is great to see the so-called small nations are not so small after all. Botswana went on to beat Togo and Tunisia. Incredible football story. Well done to Stanley Tshosane, the Zebras’coach. Thanks for your comment Vision.

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