Highlanders FC Fail To Impress In Draw.

Highlanders FC played to a goalless draw against Eagles at Gwanzura Stadium yesterday afternoon. The league match failed to separate the boys from men as Bosso keep dropping points.

A keen reader and follower of the blog, Madinda Ndlovu was among the spectators as he watched Bosso fail to beat Eagles. One of the best players ever produced in Southern Africa, Ndlovu said he is happy at Black Mambas where his football philosophies are being realised as the team is picking up points now.

On his opinions about team performance, he said, “I have always said teams must know and understand their traditions in order for them to function well. If you don’t have values then you will always go wrong, you know.” Madinda brought together a team of youngsters that matured to be winners, a team later well coached by Rahman Gumpo and Eddie May.

The current team is a pale shadow of the crop captained by Thulani Biya Ncube, which included Siza Khoza, Gift Lunga Jnr, Noel Kaseke, Dazy Kapenya, Mamba Chisoni, Joel Luphahla and Zenzo Zemura Moyo.

Asked about his opinion of the blog, he just said, “Brilliant my man, keep up the good work.”

What do you think are the chances of winning the league?


6 comments on “Highlanders FC Fail To Impress In Draw.

  1. I think its time for people to do something to rescue Highlanders. It will lose value and with today’s fans loyality only comes with results. It’s no longer about a Ndebele supporting Bosso just because it was established by Lobengula’s sons but fans who do not even value or understand what Lobengula stood for and wants immediate bragging rights, and any failure this year will mean reduced numbers!!

    • Action is needed yesterday. A lot of people realise that and are happy to be watching. Those in the burning hut are ok with. They have lost hope. Can we then at least save the hut?

  2. Madinda is right know the tradition then you won’t get lost. are the under 19s and the reserves still as active as before? I THINK WE SHOULD STOP CRYING NOW AND ACT ON IDENTIFIED PROBLEMS BECAUSE THIS IS A COMMUNITY CLUB THERE ARE PLATFORMS TO CONTRIBUTE OR BE PART OF THE CHANGE. i team iyatshona silokhu sisithi ubani this and ubani that WHAT SHOULD BE DONE LET’S COME TOGeTHER AND DO IT. it used to pain me to the heart when i team yezwe lonke loses but now even DEMBARE suppotters don’t even bother because isiyinhlalayenza. lets all wake up.. bosso for life..

    • Eish, one reader on FB is suggesting a great indaba of all former players and administrators. Do you think this is the way?

      I am not sure the condition of the junior league and reserves as we speak. Do you remember in the days of ‘Liverpool’ when the stadium would be full even by 11 not to miss Peter Ndlovu playing under 14, having to play with boots and then throw them away even b4 half-time?
      By the time of the reserve side curtain-raiser, the atmosphere would be crazy. Those days, eish!!!

    • Mawite, I am happy you are one of those who get disappointed and still go to watch the boys. Singabalahli, it’s not their problem. Keep doing that and encouraging others. I am not sure where Willard is now. Last time I heard he was in Botswana. If I get anything, you will hear it first here, on your blog.

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