Would You Join Highlanders FC Funeral Plan?

With your good or evil deeds, one thing for sure, one day you shall die. Your mortal remains will be disposed of, at a cost of course. Many have funeral issues sorted out, which is cool. It doesn’t hurt to make sure your family only mourn you and not everything else. If I scared you, I’m just being practical.

Highlanders FC will do themselves a lot of good by forming a Highlanders Funeral Plan. This will be moulded with different plans and schemes. Bosso have no option now than to turn their operation into a business entity.

For the plan to be effective, the products have to be available online. This enables people in the diaspora to join in their thousands and make monthly contributions.

Going hi-tech is not negotiable for Amahlolanyama. As Nkululeko Moyo put it, membership cards must be available online as well. All subscriptions and payments must be on e-Bosso, or whatever the online shop can be called. Online recruitment drive is a must for Tshilamoya.

Match tickets must be made to be available as well, so that if well wishers want to sent a group of school children to watch matches they can purchase using the e-Bosso system. This will work for other financial contribution people from all over the world will access.

It will also be necessary to have a small scale retirement scheme and insurance cover for players in case of career ending injuries. This will be contributed for by well-wishers and possible grow to be self-sufficient. With internet, e-Bosso will bring e-football to your screen timely as things happen.

Seasons tickets can also be experimented with, to be bought by people who feel they can help the club. Lots of people are looking for means and ways to come in, and with this small global village, let the team evolve with the times, and the result may come as well. 

Would support any of the products genuinely available online? What else would you suggest? Lets talk.


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