Coaches Are Selfish People.

Contrary to popular belief, coaches are selfish, very selfish. The less selfish the less good they are on their job. In that case their success is limited as it is driven by consensus. If not, it is not as sweet as it is shared by many.

Rahman Gumpo, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez are some of the most stubborn people you will see. That is they get results they want. In Rafa’s case, he did have the material he needs, but I am a great admirer of the Spanish coach.

The misconception of hiring a crop of knowledgeable coaches to work as a team is like suicide bombing. Each one of them is wearing their belt of bombs to detonate at his convenience. You cannot have Moses Chunga as head coach and Madinda as assistant. Do you think Sir Alex Ferguson will serve Fabio Capello well as his English Assistant?

The issue here is about believes, the football philosophy. Each coach has his own football concept in their head. It never is the same. The objective may be one but getting there and the material to be used is another issue. Rahman Gumpo win the hearts of players almost instantly and keeps the loyal for extended periods of time.

Every coach wants to play their own football and style. They have types of players to achieve goals to their satisfaction. They will need players with different temperament to obtain a level of achievement which may not produce the results anyone likes. I like my own fashion, one of extreme style and no mistakes.

There are various levels of tolerance in each individual. Some coaches will tolerate mediocrity. This is my strongest point. I do not get along with average, like a near miss or ‘an almost goal’. Some coaches cheer when a players strikes a bar. To me it does matter, it is an off target. I will give a pat on the back to the opposing goalkeeper for a good save, but not applaud any kind of miss. No.

Not knowing Rafa so well, I feel he falls into this category, but he seems not to show any emotion even when the team scores a goal. I get wild, not matter how bad the goal is. I have never seen a bad goal anyway, and I never will. 

Coaches like their own style. That is what makes them coaches. Good ones are stubborn in terms of tactics. They build a team to play in a certain way and stick to it. Opposition teams get to worry about unlocking them.  That is football you will get from Jose Mourinho. He doesn’t bend unless he has to. When he does, it usually is a fantastic job. 

Once in a while, as the level of competition varies, it will be necessary to adapt. That amount of flexibility is an asset one needs. I think this Arsene Wenger’s downfall. He lost 2 championships by unnecessary rigidity. His situations were relevant with a full complement of his squad. When he had injuries affecting his game, he stuck to his plans.

At the end of the day, coaches go out to collect data for use to plan their tactics. Not all information will be relevant to every coach. To me statistics are a big issue. To Gavin Hunt, they are meaningless. Carlos Alberto Parreira, it is the visuals, actually, photographs. Many will prefer the videos.

As for Manchester’s Sir, a good team to rely.


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