Unsung Heroine – Bekezela Nsingo

In a week to celebrate all the beautiful women of our lives, a heroine lying low but worthy of honour is Bekezela Nsingo. She and Sicolani Ncube came together assisting girls in projects that included football. Many girls benefited from their efforts as well as boys. They have just secured over 20 000 football balls for their projects in Matabeleland.

The ladies engaged in projects that empower women to be self-reliant. As you read this they have a 100 sewing machines and 20 000 NHS uniforms too. This is just a measure of their dedication to what they believe is their calling. Their immediate need is the urgent shipment of the consignment and its clearance. Well wishers can help as per information on the website given below. 

The group, better known as the African Mothers Foundation International, (AMFI) have laurels which they are not resting on. They are planning to lauch a nation appeal for test books, pens and clothes for orphans to whom they gave netball and football kits just recently.

They stand for a no patriarchy system, turning oppression to opportunity. They are the Matabeleland women making a difference to the society that brought them up. As you listen to their ambitions and foresight, their determination sees no limits of what people in general and women in particular can achieve.

Bekezela and Sicolani started in 2008 continued in 2009. As they grow, they for sure want to reach everyone who can help them help others. They appeal to your generous being to donate any items for needy children and orphans to keep uplifting the world because they reach where none of us do.

The CEO of AMFI, Bekezela is from Filabusi Lufuse in Insiza District and was educated at Lufuse Primary and Mpopoma High School. She is the first-born daughter of Willie Nsingo in a family of 6. She is equipped with a Sociology degree in Glamorgan University in Wales UK.

On behalf of the world, thank you Bekezela and Sicolani. For more information about their projects and achievements, please visit their website www.africanmothersfoundation.org


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