SA PSL and Zim PSL To Swap Calendars?

The football season in Europe starts at the end of their summer, in August. Usually, it is warm and dry. South Africa football season follows the same calender. Zimbabwe tried it before and abandoned it.

The biggest problem of the Southern Hemisphere following the calender has always been seen as the weather. The plus side of it is that it falls with FIFA football calender. There is a notion that it makes players available for international duty, but FIFA has synchronised all dates to suit everyone regardless of season.

The Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League now want to change from March to November calendar to follow this European August to March calendar. The South Africa Premier League want out of that system. Geographically, their locality renders the weather patterns the same.

While the SA Premiership is well sponsored and their neighbours are basically perennial begging bowl carriers, I don’t think that counts for anything for the calendar change. Sponsors’ mileage may not be weather-proof but someone somewhere is fooling us.  

Who is right here? They both can’t be right. Be the judge.


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