Chelsea Tops The League.

Chelsea's Drogba reacts during their English Premier League soccer match against West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge in London

(Hat-trick Hero, Didier Drogba – REUTERS @Yahoo Sports)

Chelsea shot to the top of the Premiership with a sharp and sweet no-nonsense solid performance at Standford Bridge. They were on the scoresheet after just 6 minutes. Chelsea will surely be satisfied with their efficient finishing and their ability to deal with lightweights.

There is one Didier Drogba, one Arsenal are supposed to get. A hat-trick by Drogba is a loud and clear announcement of the arrival of one African from Ivory Coast who means business, that he wants to be number one in the world. At this rate, it will be a long season for a lot of teams.

Chelsea scored through Flourent Malouda early in the first half, before a Drogba free-kick before half-time made it 2-0. A men-like  performance sent shivers down the spines of weaklings, West Bromwich Albion as Drogba went to score twice more. Chelsea, the reigning Champions scored through Malouda and Lampard as they ran rampant.

West Bromwich, who are coached by ex-Chelsea player Roberto De Mateo did not match the Champions at all and the Blues were in their best mood, exactly how they ended the season. Yousi Benayoun made his debut coming in for Frank Lampard.

The Chelsea bumper win toppled Blackpool from the crest of the championship. Blackpool had blasted 4 without reply past Wigan Athletic earlier in the day. Aston Villa hammered West Ham by a 3-0 scoreline. Blackburn and Wolverhampton Wanderers recorded victories in the afternoon.

The Liverpool vs Arsenal fixtures for tomorrow noon is much-anticipated for different reasons. The Reds have a new Manager and Joe Cole will be making his debut. Arsenal’s kidsnet’s maturity date will be of interest as it has been said over and over that ‘this is their season’ for so many past seasons. As if that is not enough, they have big goalkeeping issues that need to be resolved. Frimpong will be the one to watch.

Manchester United will take to the field on Monday against old newcomers, Newcastle United. This will surely be a walk in the park for the Red Devils. Mexican Hernandez and Bebe will be individuals of interest in this one.


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