Why David Beckam Is Refusing To Retire.

(Pic from Examiner.com)

David Beckham was praised by England coach Fabio Capello, who fired him from the English squad diplomatically, as if Beckham offered to resign, because he will not him anymore but youngsters. Capello was hoping to have a testimonial played in November 2010 as an honourary send-off. Beckam refused the offer snubbing Capello and is said to be fighting for his place in the national team.

The coach of the national team is Italian and Beckham is English. If Capello will not use Backham for his matches and Beckham will play for England. One thing is very clear; Beckham knows a lot of things Capello doesn’t, that Capello’s tenure as the boss is ending soon enough for Beckam to play for England.

Daivd Beckham has not been making as much money as he liked. He still wants to secure a few millions for his pension. He has to stay high profile for a while longer so attract the attention his sponsors pay him for. Victoria Beckham is making a reasonable sum herself, and she will not be retiring anytime soon.

David Beckham expressed his lack of interest in coaching England. I think he was telling the truth then. Things may change with the tea-cup storm. The poilitics of the game of football will never cease to amaze me. Only in due time can we say when Beckham will be leading England to the deep end.

Do you think Beckham is the Messiah the English have been waiting for?


4 comments on “Why David Beckam Is Refusing To Retire.

  1. England’s demise comes because of people like Becks will not give up coming to terms that their time is up. Honestly, he is a great player, but he should have known when to plan his future. Soccer is a very short term career with the millions at the start but as you head towards your late 30’s the money and sponsors will dwindle.Thats why i would offer counsellng to these lads before they turn suicidal. Becks it’s time up, you are old.

    • Paul, dont you think Beckham has been promised the seat Capello is occupying and is now trying to catalyse the process before he completely exists the English team set-up? I smell a fish somehow.

  2. This ploy Becks running would be like gambling with the Devil knowing he is definitely going to turn against you. Maradona fits that glove, What happened when he thought popularism would win him another contract? They dumped him and his is back on drugs.

    • I am glad you brought in Diego. Sentiment is one thing and that brought and ended Dunga. How the World doesn’t learn, I’m dumb-founded. With African teams, corruption has a lot to do with it. The English and other Associations have absolute power because of money as their main problem. I think it’s a good problem to have: too much money! Eish.

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