The rise and rise of Madinda And The Fall And Fall of H’landers

(Bosso fans having fun time at the Johannesburg Stadium during the Ubuntu Derby match against Jomo Cosmos)

Highlanders FC lost a league game to Motor Action 2-3 at BF, over the weekend. So ordinary were Bosso that they came back twice and did not have enough time to do that the 3rd time. They may have succumbed to the 4th in any case.

Madinda Ndlovu’s Black Mambas stung Douglas Warriors, beating them 3-0 over the weekend to collect 3 valuable points. Douglas Warriors were no match to the dangerous Mambas who are collecting points at will.

Madinda’s men were victorious over  Victoria FC the previous week, posting a 2-0 win. The team has now collected 7 out 12 points not so bad for a team still getting to know their coach better.

Bosso’s continued eating of humble pies will be satisfied that they still have 18 games to play. The Egyptian coach who is fasting in the mon th of Ramadan, believes they will turn the corner, and is hoping to meet the executive to find ways to improve the team.

Usually when things do not go right and the Executive want to meet for a way forward, it is advisable to pack your bags. Fathi conceded he was not a magician to The Chronicle. He has no clue the team won the League several times without magicians.

The scenario sees the rise and rise of Madinda Ndlovu, and the fall and fall of the Mighty Bosso Tshilamoya, who parted ways with the charismatic Ndlovu before Fathi came in. It will be easy for me to say I told you Bosso needs Madinda, but it may be better to say that Madinda doesn’t need Bosso.

Coaches need a fair platform to perform and their requirements should be met without question. Respect of foreign coaches who earn more and are afforded better conditions to operate does not level the coaching ground for locals.

The locals coaches must be given enough respect, time and resources and maybe the executive must be Egyptian for a change. Meanwhile, Dynamos of Elvis Chuchu Chiweshe, recorded their Africa Champion’s first mini-league win when they beat Entente Setif of Algeria. Dembare are said to have played in a packed stadium, while Bosso recorded a crowd countable by a passing jet-fighter.

Who do you think must lead Highlanders executive?


8 comments on “The rise and rise of Madinda And The Fall And Fall of H’landers

  1. The fall of Bosso is attributed to a lack of proper club structures that is killing Zimbabwean Football.

    From failing to keep up with modern football, question of club ownership, to lack of real membership and most important the lack of player development. I am part product of the Bosso development system – where I played my last year as a youth player with Siza Khosa, Lenny Gwata, Gift Lunga Jr, Craig Payne, Master Masiku, Mandla Maseko, Biya etc under Cosmas Zulu.

    The structure was still there and we were important to the club as all 20 players from that team went on to play in over 50 PSL games each for Highlanders or other teams.

    Football has changed and continues to evolve. What worked 10, 15 years ago needs change and as we know that is something we Zimbos love to talk about but find very difficult to do.

    • Thank you Eddie for your comment. A lot of us will remember vividly your days and contribution to the game

      There is a school of thought of the economic situation being the cause of Bosso being a laughing stock. How valid is this idea given Dembare are in the same territory and league?

      How do we get development where it was then and beyond?

  2. I totally agree with you Mr Mukahanana on the very two thorny issues of today’s soccer buisness. Ownership and DEVELOPMENT are key to survival. It’s either you get a rich chairman to invest in the club with him having total buisness control or you use the Arsenal model of developing and re-marketing talent though with good football to bring in the fans. Bosso used to use Ali BABA Dube to identify talent at a very tender age and the boys would gradually grow in the structures to senior level, national teams and European teams. (Madinda, Willard and Tito) went to Germany, Peter ndlovu (England), Konjera, Adam, Rahman Gumpo, Zenzo, Luphahla, Kaseke all secured lucrative contracts in different countries in Europe, not to mention those who went to RSA or the USA on scholarships. But now Bosso can’t even supply two players to the national U17 and our quality struggles now to even make it in RSA. We can’t lie to ourselves and say all is well. Bosso need to appoint an independent body or committee to re-evaluate our old style and system of running the club. We might bring in educated young people but with a rigid constitution and wrong tribal mentality the only direction we will take will be down.

    • This is an interesting point you make. A single point I wish to dwell on, is the constitution. The set up at Highlanders involves abadala who are the custodians of the team. Any set-up renders them useless.

      Let me quiz you with a business concept of the team. If say, Bosso gets Delma Lupepe to finance the club as his business, how do you think will react to that? I think there are people who will rather see the team sink than let that happen.

  3. I personally think Delma won’t fit in the Bosso system because he won’t come like Man city guys but will come with his personal and social egos of trying to make Bosso people and fans follow his belief e.g the team now failing to play games on Saturday etc .We want people who brings the buisness value without any conditions or indoctrinations .

  4. liyayibeka bafethu. it’s clear that Mangwana Tshuma left big boots that no one can fit them.
    I read and i caught ‘ownership and constituition’.
    Fistly we nid sum1 who will finance n follow our culture 2 avoid wat man utd issue.
    Wat is happening at the Robert mugabe evenue? i only hear the fanz bt nothing frm the so called managerz.
    We will awake playing at Ascot stadium due 2 B/f bills errorz. lets pull up our socks b4 its 2 late.

    • Owen, I surely grateful and thank you for your comment. I wish to say 2 things. Bosso big guys read this and do not comment or say anything for whatever reason. I will ask them officially and publicly to speak to thig BLOG and address all readers’ concerns.

      Secondly, i chaleenge you to come forth with the way forward. I am thrusting you in the shoes of the Chairman – detail your action plan.

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