Highlanders Bosso FC To Play Jomo Cosmos At BF This Month?

I always wish to be a bearer of good news. For now, half is and the other is not. First the good.

The Ubuntu Derby extension will take place at BF on the 29th of August 2010. South African soccer side Jomo Cosmos will play a reciprocal match with Bosso at Emagumeni. These teams failed to score when they played at Johannesburg Stadium last month.

The Ubuntu Derby was a brainchild of Joyce Dube of the Southern Africa Women’s Immigration Affairs (Sawima). Sawima were involved in a KICK-OUT Xenophobia campaign, using the momentum of the World Cup for a worthy cause, which was actually a winner on that day.

There is a claim of the Bosso executive trying to engage Jomo Sono in some sort of mutual arrangement of twinning the clubs. While these will all be good news to all football lovers, the bad part is that it is still a rumour. Once confirmed, you will get the details from the mouths of the horses, if you love horses.

Do you think that Jomo Cosmos relationships will benefit Bosso?


6 comments on “Highlanders Bosso FC To Play Jomo Cosmos At BF This Month?

  1. Haaa! UJomo again. We all know what he wants. Fine, it will be good for Bosso but who gains more? Wont be surprised if the name changes to Highlanders Cosmos and gets relageted when all the good players r sold.

    • Beke, you made my day. Bosso Cosmos?? Eish, we hope it lifts the boys spirits and the club coffers. At this rate, BF may have more players than spectators, which will be a shame.

  2. fak’imali uzobona-thus how Jomo Sono operates, he’s too keen on that side of things. it may be gud to a few talented players as he may not keep dem 4 long. if i waz bosso i wud insert a clause in every deal (if ungadayisa iplayer yethu overseas den kumele kube nepercentage esiyitholayo). that way the team will benefit, football development-wise. am not sure.

    • It’s so true Siza. It is one thing I like about Jomo. He is a shrewd business man. He knows money. That is how things should be. Highlanders should be a Jomo somehow. To look and see and get where there is money. On the players Ndex, do you think Bosso have a sell’able player now?

  3. Mina i think both Jomo and Bosso will benefit from this deal, bosso players will now get international exposure through jomo’s connections abroad, while jomo will make a lot of money by fascilating and selling of bosso players.

    • I am glad Mdu, that you think Bosso gets to benefit. I hope the benefits are realised soon to lift the team from the doldrums. Who do you think can be a player that Jomo can start to do business by selling?

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