Manchester United Fail To Match Chelesa.

- 0

(Image from Yahoo Euro Sports)

Manchester United beat Newcastle by 3-0. The usual exceptional performance of experienced Paul Scholes was the telling difference. Dimitri Barbetov scored the first goal. The stage is set for the new Premiership season.

Practically Chelsea are the Champions and psychologically, Chelsea will be champions. Following their dismantling of a relatively small team with a merciless performance, very few other teams fancy their chances against the dangerous Blues. It is upto everyone else to up their balls to their level.

Manchester United did themselves a lot of good, but catching up to the Blues performance will be a mountain to climb. Tottenham Hotspurs will feel proud and able after their duel over the weekend. Theirs was an unfortunate result courtesy of goalkeeping heroics of Joe Hart. Their comeback from 0-3 down against Young Boys in the UEFA Champions’ League shows they are on track.

Please note how we do not even mention Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal. With all teams to hit top gear, is it early days, or you see room for improvement here and there? You may have noted hopelessness already in some teams. Give your opinions.


2 comments on “Manchester United Fail To Match Chelesa.

  1. Thats sooo true! Last game of last season and 1st game of this season we doubled their win scoreline…. and Drogba gets the 1st hat-trick of the season…..

    • It is interesting how this will unfold. As you say, the last game of the season was a statement. The first of this season is another statement. It seems Chelsea are not as finished as I thought.

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