Of Highlanders and Dynamos, Who’s Fooling Who?

Dynamos beat Highlanders FC in a semi-final and the Premier Soccer League wants to sit and decide whether the win is a win or not. They may decide to play the remaining 17 minutes of the match not completed due to bad light.

What a big shame to the beautiful game of football. The two giants of Zimbabwean football were involved in a BancABC Sup8r semi-final at BF over the weekend, in which the unsightly ugly scenes were the order of the day.

It was a concoction of incompetence, stupidity and ignorance that embraced the occasion, with a million excuses and blames flying everywhere.

Highlanders FC of Bulawayo and Dynamos FC of Harare have always been involved in heated encounters which sometimes begot violence. It would be either the fans or the rarely, the players.

On this occasion, the match was played and Dembare took the lead in the 36 minute through Eddie Mashiri. In the 69th minute Bosso were awarded a penalty after Dynamos’ defender Guthrie Zhokinyu felled Francis Kanda, by the referee, Bryton Malandule .

The not so clever Dynamos players mobbed the assistant referee Abraham Manda seeking the reversal of the decision. Dynamos’ goalkeeper Washington Arubi is said to have centre-finger gestured at the Bosso supporters at the Soweto stand. The Soweto crowd accepted the invitation the way they know how, by throwing all sorts of debris onto the pitch.

The Mbare boys walked off the pitch to their dressing room in protest as the skirmishes swelled. They are reported to have swanked into their casual gear and left the dressing rooms. About 30 minutes later they got into their football kit and went into the pitch and play resumed. The penalty was taken and missed when Arubi dived to his right to save Gilbert Banda’s effort. Dynamos were awarded a penalty of their own.

It is said that Bosso coach Mohamed Fathi ordered a walk-out in a revenge protest. This emotional decision was ill-informed. Even as Bosso came in 30 minutes later to complete the fixture, it was too dark to continue with play and the match ended with Dynamos leading 1-0, therefore deserving to progress to the finals.

According to Acting PSL CEO, Kennedy Ndebele, there was supposed to be a 90 minute match to decide the finalist of the BancABC Cup. In case of a draw in 90 minutes, extra time would be played and eventually penalties to decide a winner on the day.

 There has been calls for the match to be played on a neutral venue to decide who will play Caps United in the final. Isaac Mbedzi called on the coaches to pull this one for the sake of fair play and the paying public. Liqhwa Gama had this to say, “I hate to say it but Dembare is through to the next round or is it the final!!”

Both clubs acted in childishly and blamed the referee for failing to handle the game, which may be true. If the robbed a bank because they saw the referee do it, they thought they would escape the jail term by saying the referee started it. Wow, what a mature people we have here.

The Bosso family must actual feel they robbed themselves as they could have played and won the game regardless of all they faced. They may have scared off any potential sponsors who want to associate with excellence and discipline. The team will surely pay a huge fine, adding to their unpaid bills and over  $200 000,00 debts.

Do you think it is the Coach’s duty to order players to break rules?


10 comments on “Of Highlanders and Dynamos, Who’s Fooling Who?

  1. lets see how this one plays out. I would rather have both teams ejected from the competition and CAPS declared winners without playing in the final. It’s a huge embarrasment I tell you. It only serves to scare away sponsors.


    • It is such a shame sponsors have to see this when they pay so much money. It scares them and they question the integrity of the League and they see their name being dragged into such mud.

      I think the problem with your suggestion to the current sponsor is that Caps Utd will be Champions without the match being played. The sponsor likes it when good things are written about themselves and the product they are backing. They prefer more time on TV when the match is broadcast.

    • I didn’t get to watch the game and I had no idea what went down but I am of the firm opinion that BOTH teams should be booted out and made an example for all to see. The final must be played by the two teams from the other semi final. BOTH Bosso and Dembare must be heavily fined and above all Officials must review any and all video footage and deal with individuals on the field accordingly. Arubi used to be one of ours, so what’s with Flipping-the-Bird on his brothers.
      If Fathy told his players to walk off he SHOULD be fired!

      This is just a waste and defamation of Zimbabwean character.

      • Quite a clever idea of giving the sponsors their mileage by letting the other teams play the fimal. The game does not need such barbarism. Sad indeed and thankx Mayenziwe for your opinion. We will hear how the other guys view this.

  2. I was there, it was all stupidity particularly from the Dembare players. The Highlanders coach was also very immature to call a walk from the players. If I had my way I would disqualify the two teams and give CAPS the cup and thats it. Letting one of them proceed to the final is condoning unprofessionalism.

    • That sounds like a de-advertisement of the beautiful game Maduma. I am not sure how other people see things, concerning the coach especially. While he shows some passion, the man on the road as he is, he undid himself. As I said, we are all different and to me football is a life-style.

      Giving the cup to Cpas United will be a disservice to the sponsor Beke, because the sponsor loses mileage if there will be no more match. Mayenziwe was of the opinion of letting the Caps play their vanquished for the Cup. Don’t you think it a little fair for all concerned?

  3. Heish maGents lamaLagies sorry ukuyijampela late! I am not so sure how the dembare boys managed to come off the pitch, dress up then come back? If I was the Bosso team manager then I would have asked the ref to declare the match abandoned! Now did the players have time to warm – up again? What were the competition rules? What did the match commissioner have to say? And Zifa? The Premier league?

    What did the security officers, the police have to say about safety?

    When one day we can have a match that has got all these answers covered we will be ready to play in HIGH competitions! Some years ago I used to think having a risk assessment was paranoia its not and ZIFA, the PSL, sponsors must have such to measure up to good standards!

    Lets see how this will pan out!

    • It is very hard to get answers to the questions. The Acting CEO, Kennedy Ndebele may be able to furnish us with the details. I’m certain I heard the game was supposed to produce a winner on Saturday. Whatever the judgement, someone won the match on that day.

      I will try to get more answers for us in due course. Thanx Mafu for your valuable input.

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