Highlanders Needed This Win Badly, More Than Dynamos.


Coach Fathi (mis)lead The Team Off The Pitch Against Dynamos.

The Bosso versus Dembare BancABC Cup semifinal’s fate that was played and abandoned is yet to be decided. Highlanders messed up a match they should have won. They needed to win and badly. The $40 000,00 winners’ cheque would have poured cold water on the very bad debts the Executive has been patching from their pockets.

The Ernest Maphepha management left huge sums to be paid after they travelled to Sudan for a CAF assignment. As we speak, The Chronicle reports that Bosso were making frantic efforts to avoid attachment of property last night by the Deputy Sheriff over a US$4 000 debt, which the club owes to Vusumuzi Dube. “The money is part of interest accrued and legal fees from the total debt of US$36 000. The club have since cleared the actual debt.” reports The Chronicle.  

Dynamos can do with a coin or 2 but they are playing Champions’ League football. They do not owe anybody much. If they owed as much as Bosso, still, they have the opportunity to fight harder in the Africa Champions’ League, where they can access a $1 000 000,00. So while it was careless on their part to be stupid, Highlanders could not afford the same mistake. Dembare may decide to win the Championship again as they have a realistic chance of doing so. As for Bosso, let us leave that one alone.

 The report says the money came from club members who paid their US$5 monthly subscriptions, to whom I applaud the efforts and encourage all other fans and supporters to dig deeper into their pockets and rescue the team. “Some was raised through the SMS fund-raising method as well as from donations from members and sponsors, Karcher”.

Things are now so bad that there seems to be no way out. Themba Ndlela’s executive have been everywhere doing everything but with less success. While it can not be guaranteed the stance the legal practitioners of those that Bosso owe the money, winning this Banc ABC Cup would have given leverage for negotiation by the Bosso legal team, to prevent the property attachment.

Highlanders FC deserves all the sympathy, looking at the circumstances under which they sank into debt, but the team shot themselves in the foot when they let the 40 grand slide through their fingers (feet in this case) like wet fish. I am not a believer in luck but God works with those who fight. There was a still a fighting chance, which was within Bosso’s reach and capacity when the coach ordered the team to leave the pitch. 

Those who watched the match feel that Highlanders were under pressure from Dembare. They do not think Bosso could have turned the tables on The Glamour Boys. Fair enough, given the debts and the loss of the semi-final

Asking for the fine from PSL and bringing the game of football into disrepute may have been better than rain of sulphur and brimstone, but who said it was going to rain anything?

Have you made your contributions to help the team out and how?


2 comments on “Highlanders Needed This Win Badly, More Than Dynamos.

  1. wel once again waz there yesterday at gwanzura. BOSSO played kiglon. we lost one zero same old story poor finishing and frm my observation only two playerz playd beta football fo bosso i.e lunga and joel ngozo who came off the bench. smthng must b done, fattie shld just go.

    • Thanks Mawite for that information. It is my hope hope the executive is watching the Bosso matches. I commend them for giving as much rope as possible to hang. I was never that lucky in any coaching job I had. Railstars FC used me as a condom – to get joy and a ‘well being’ feeling and then got rid of me for others to come and enjoy.

      At Bosso in 2001, we beat Dynamos twice to win the Dairiboard Trophy and Independence Cup and the title was in sight and still lost my job together with Rahman Gumbo. Given the current executive’s patience, we could have won the Africa Champions’ League.

      I must say the Bosso executive must have hired Fathi with very high hopes and put a clause that may cost the already broke Mantengwane. If he was worth his salt, he would be gentleman enough to throw in the towel. If he loves money like me, he won’t. He will wait to be fired and be compensated for loss of income, or leave the team to die.

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