Jose Mourinho A Little Too Harsh For Capello.

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Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho, a world-class coach, with skills, experience, talent and wisdom, has shot a brother.  


The charismatic Jose broke the ‘code’ of brotherhood (as in sisterhood) by openly and bluntly criticising England coach, Fabio Capello as England’s football problems. He said the English game’s biggest problem was Capello, that he does not understand players. 

It is no that I disagree with him. Actually how wrong I wish he was, but I rather he told Fabio in private or kept it to himself. 

Many believe Jose himself could turn­ things around for England, as much as I do, Mourinho believes in coaching his native nation. This guy doesn’t attract much positive vibes from those who do not like him or even the neutrals, despite his exploits with FC­ Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan and he thrives on those controversies. 

English tabloids called the Italian coach, Fabio Capello, all sorts of names with the Sun branding him a “donkey” for leaving Jack Wilshere and Andy Carroll out of the squad for the Euro 2012 qualifiers against Bulgaria and Switzerland

Mourinho clearly stated that Capello will not work for England criticising his managerial flaws which included a single track player-manager relationship and a military camp attitude.

 This dressing down of one of the most respected men of the beautiful game in the whole world will however do less damage to Capello than it will propel Mourinho to greater heights at Real Madrid, which was exactly Jose’s point. Mourinho is getting into the minds of his players in a way that will see Real overtake Barcelona this season. 

The fact that Jose goes on to compare Capello’s stay at the Santiago Bernebeu with the a few predecessors, and the criticise his lack of “clear tactics”, it drives the home the point that he is the ultimate coach. This is all the players of Real Madrid calibre need. Without mincing his words, he said “It is the manager’s fault. And it is a big shame.”

 During his Madrid days, Capello told David Beckam he would never play again for them, but he fought his­ way back into the Real Madrid title-winning side, regardless. Capello won League titles twice on two different occasions and this issue has now put Mourinho under the spotlight.

For me the other England team’s problem ­ players’ big egos and bad attitudes. They are not as good as the think they are. The youngsters coming up are ordinary. England need the Steve Macmanamans, Peter Shiltons, Terry Butchers and Gary Linekers. Remember that even those great players came unstuck. England needs more than that. 

 As Jose versus Capello, maybe that is what Capello needs, a high-profile direct open criticism from the very top, to spur him up from his slumber and produce results. From experience, the impact will be short-lived. 

Does England need an English coach?  


2 comments on “Jose Mourinho A Little Too Harsh For Capello.

  1. The argument that the English have average players is very relevant in World football terms! The other major obstacle in the English armour is the press, they really do the boys a lot of harm by over blowing their abilities, thus when big tournaments come the boys are carrying huge burdens of expectation and this usually hampers perfromance: look at Messi and the huge lump of expectation piled on him by Diego. The same player plays freely at Barcelona where he is ‘let’ live by the coach.

    England will need to take football back to the street, the park and the beach for natural flair to come back, academies are good but sometimes tends to produce players not capable of finding solutions outside the normal.

    Mourinho? He thrives on controversy and thats all he is looking for. capello is a sitting duck for him who has links with his current job so he feels it easy to hammer him to create his usual atmosphere.

    • You should know, cause you rub shoulders with the situation daily. I admit there is no secrecy in the role of the meida in the English game. They go from one extreme to the other.

      I personally think the English need the English manager. I love Jose, maybe his controvency.

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