Willard Mashinkila Khumalo Expecting To Do Well at Nico.

Mashinkila Willard-Khumalo is coach to Botswana’s Nico Stars. The inexperienced Nico has young untested players who will need time to jelly and find confidence in each other.

Nduna has even raised concerns of the stage fright especially in away games that his team suffers. “They do not express themselves the way they should.” he said. Willard is one of the best in the business in drilling players and getting them sharpen their skills. He has a lot of work to psych up the boys who are at a far lower league than what he is used to.

The Botswana problems always lead to coaches getting players from Zimbabwe because they have a great attitude. The locals never give the coaches the committment and passion necessary to go through the wall.

Khumalo’s challenges include lack of support from senior players, hap-hazard league and cup fixtures. The coach’s plans are always in disarray. It seems that Willard is dissatisfied with the overall professionalism of the league and one can only hope he keeps his job and take the boys to better days.

Mawii also coached TAFIC where an illegitimate regime fired him after 2 matches when he was off-sick. Fans were up in arms against his firing because even those 2 matches were never lost. One was drawn and the other was drawn. In that 2009 job, Willard was owed P48 000 and it is not clear whether the money was eventually paid.

Could Willard Mashinkila Khumalo be the man Bosso needs?


2 comments on “Willard Mashinkila Khumalo Expecting To Do Well at Nico.

  1. Honourable Coach. (Mqeqetshi ohloniphekayo) I am obviously one of your biggest fans as you already know. I follow your blog and other writtings with both interest, amazement and curiosity. I admire your perspective, experience and knowlegde when it comes to the game of Football. To say the least you are above the rest.

    Coach, with due respect, as much as I agree with you in many ways. There is line of your thinking that never ceases to surprise especially when it comes to Bosso. I have no doubt about your loyality to the black and white, (Amahlolanyama). I have no doubt about your passion on Zimbabwean fooball and indeed foootball in Africa at large. It seem to me Coach that you seem to think that only the former Bosso players that can bring the team back to glory again.

    I cannot put words in your mouth honourable Coach. Forgive me if i sound like I am doing so. We are together in seeking ways that can revive the country ‘s oldest club. We are together in seeking the charm that can bring back the glorious days at B/F stadium. Trophies, Cups, Championships of the mid eighties and early nineties and all that good stuff is at large in Bulawayo. Gone are the days of Madinda Ndlovu, Willard Khumalo, Titus majola, Alexander Maseko. Gone are the days of Peter Ndlovu, Adam Ndlovu, Lovemore Ncube and so on. Where are the days of Thulani Biya Ncube, Zenzo Moyo, Bekithemba Ndlovu, Siza Khoza and Gift Lunga jr and sr? Just to mention a few memorable players that brought glory to the club and city.

    This is a club that has been built both on pride and success. I differ with you Coach only when it comes to coaching the boys in black and white. Being a proffessional, you seem to allow yourself to succumb to a layman’s belief that only the the likes of (Khathazile) and Mawi can bring glory to the club. I cannot argue with you on that one, however what you do not seem to take in consideration is the times. Soccer in Zimbabwe has evolved . By that I mean, the players can now move form any team as compared to before. And so can the caoches. Madinda Ndlovu can now coach Dynamos if they want him. And so can moses Chunga coach Bosso if he is so wanted. Notice that these are extremely examples, but just to show you how the game has changed over time.

    Ever since Lupepe’s Amazulu, the game changed. Money and results now matters. Competition is now stiff. A good former player will not always make a good coach ask Charles Mhlauri. Bosso has benefitted a lot from its former players dating back from the days of Barry Daka and so on. This was actually a trend in Zimbabwean teams on one point. Zimbabwe saints, Dynamos , Caps United and Balck Rinhos all used to use former players for coaches. Incentives and results have changed these traditions. To say Peter Ndlovu will make a good national team coach mighty sound good, but it might be practically impossible. Not that it is. I am just using him as an example. You are a good coach, Coach but you probably never won many Cups in your playing days. Let us look beyond the Mudyambanje, Madinda, Mawi, Biya, Gumbo and so on. Thanks Coach. I stand to be corrected.

    • Chief, I thank you so much, first for your regular visits and comments, and for this pregnant comment. I rarely get fair critism as people feel obliged to agree with me always. If a lot of readers were to take a leaf from this comment, we would be doing football a lot of favour.

      Your observation has some validity as I did not realise that trend, but I have a very good excuse which may be debatable. Firstly, I did not have much playing experience at top level as you observed. Secondly, my belief in people who can coach Bosso comes from 2 issues. I will always refer to the Willards and Madindas because I know they have coaching qualifications. They are people within reach that the club may have utilised. Great players like Thulani Ncube, Dazy Kapenya, Siza Khoza, Johannes Ngodzo and Gift Lunga Junior just to mention a few, were part of the team I coached with Rahman Gumbo. As I understand, some are still active in playing. Those who are not, may not have coaching qualifications.

      As a former Coaches instructor, no one is a coach until they have a paper that says so, hence I will not mention them on the subject. I am glad you mention that a good player does not make a good coach as has been proved by Diego Maradona time and again as well as Dunga during the World Cup. Myself and people like Charles Mhlauri, Benjamin Moyo, Bongani Mafu and Isaac Mbedzi have not much playing history. I include myself in this list at your very nice compliment and thanks for that.

      I wish we could all have forward thinking you have, to see that times have moved forward and that we need to progress as well. It is very valid to say Chunga can coach Bosso and indeed Madinda is at Mambas as we speak. I am a big advocate for local coaches who have both the qualifications and abilities. Local clubs usually take mediocre coaches from Zambia and the surrounding nations. If these guys come in, they must bring an education that coaches will remain with for life. Usually, it becomes an incurrable disease which displeases me, to be polite. The same principle goes to the national teams.

      At your very good and valuable suggestion, I will try to see who among a younger generation of the greats has acquired coaching qualifications. I wish to discuss with you the best coaches available at the dispossal of Bosso or the nation at the moment. Once more, thanks Chief for engaging in this discussion. I hope other regular readers like Bekezela Maduma-Fuzwayo, Makhosonke, Ngqabutho, Gama and Owen to mention a few will have a lot to say on this one. However, did I address your points or I became a politician?

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