Unsung Heroes – Cosmas Banengi Thebe Ndlovu

Cosmas Ndlovu (centre) With Friends.


Cosmas Ndlovu holds a few coaching certificates including Level 3 Intermediate Course conducted by respected Germany instructor, Horste Kriete. 

Cosmas ran a very successful and influential football club that was in the Second Division, Amakhosi FC. He was very helpful in running the Soccer Coaches Association and junior leagues.  This soft-spoken gentleman was very passionate and had an eye for talent. 

Amakhosi nurtured a lot of talented players to local Premier League teams. Among the very notable ones were Highlanders Football Club’s Edmore (Mamkhwebu) Sibanda who was a favourite clowning goalkeeper that I admired very much. 

Tapela ‘Cyclone’ Ngwenya is another important player who played for Zimbabwe Saints and Bosso among other teams as well as  Thabani (Vote) Maposa, Thulani Sikhosana and Thulani Moyo. 

Amakhosi gave the nation a very nimble-footed Francis Chandida who rose to prominence at Shabani mIne before being snapped by Dynamos. He went on to play big role for the Warriors.,  Honour/Owen Gombami, Themba Ndlovu, Tarisai Moyo, Promise Mpala, James Mtukwa, Godfrey (Nkondwane) Kapenya Dazy Kapenya’s Brother these are the few I can remember of hand. 

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6 comments on “Unsung Heroes – Cosmas Banengi Thebe Ndlovu

  1. In New Lobengula this man was revered, he introduced the boys to a disciplined and sustained training routine that saw the small area produce a big number of players who went on to do great things!

    I always remember Cosmas as the unassuming quiet gentleman who never seemed to be in a rush but always gave this aura of confidently knowing what he was doing!

    A good man indeed!

  2. Ah uNdlovu is a gentleman indeed. true to sport values. after Amakhosi kwaba leTabs Avon.these are the guys ababulawa yisimo selizwe, ngabe bakhatshana.

    • Thanks very much Beke. These people were an industry themselves. It was nice to have committed coaches like these. I guess you can not do things for charity forever.

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