Barry Daka On New Job

Former Notwane, ECCO City Greens and Police XI coach Barry Daka, will coach newly promoted Happy Hearts of Botswana. Barry coached Highlanders FC, Railstars FC, Zimbabwe national senior and junior teams even won the league with ECCO a few seasons back.

BBza was given a mandate to take the ambitious team to greatness. They want his experience in dealing with their youthful team. While professionalism is a big issue in Botswana, coaches often put up with a lot of both headaches and heartaches to implement their philosophies and tactics.

Happy Hearts have already lost a charity Challenge Cup to Gaborone United but the club conceded all their preparations are barely 40% before the start of the league. They signed 2 veterans and young players from Rahman Gumbo’s Township Rollers reserves.

A professional of his calibre, Daka will have to compromise his stance and the local culture of doing football as a favour for the coach. Having been in those situations for years now, he must be aware of the situation but will be hoping to give Rahman Gumbo a run for his Pulas.

Rahman Gumbo made a fantastic start for Mochudi Chiefs registering a 4-0 win over Uniao Flamengo Santos and giving a bapstism of fire to new boys Black Peril, 8-1 but lost to Gunners 0-2. Willard Mshinkila Khumalo’s Nico were crushed 6-1 by Township Rollers who climbed to the summit of the Botswana MOBILE Premier League over the weekend.

Botswana football in general is on the rise parlty because of the contribution of the Zimbabwean mentors but largely because the Botswana coach is nimplementing the Brazilian mentality of the game. Stanley Tshosane was in a class in which I was top coach in Brazil in 1999 as a fellow student.

Do you think Botswana football is relevant enough for your consumption on this blog?


2 comments on “Barry Daka On New Job

  1. Kakhulu baba. There are a fine example of what and how football can be, if given a chance. Your langauge and writting skills inspired me to respond. You are a star.

    • Thanks Chief. From now on, I will consider myself a good writer and say it. I always thought I was bad. I thank you for the observation made, that these guys can do football given the chance. One of them may be picking another championship this season. Thanks Chief.

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