The Best Team To Coach In The Premiership Today.

Tse Ndex at work with Max 'Shaluza' Tshuma and Enerst 'Sikhalo' Mpala.


Stoke City are ordinary with a normal budget. Their players are so average. They have however one special quality, big hearts. These players are willing to fight each other. Their commitment is exceptional. This has caused them to be labelled the hard men of football. Somehow, they have no perception of their tactical strength or understanding of what they can achieve.   

The world is addicted to over-rate mediocre coaches with excessive resources, yet being average or below. The greatest coaches by world standards is very small. They are spoilt for choice and have by far the most resources. Jose Mourinho, while taking risks looking for new challenges, pips Sir Alex Ferguson for ability. Sir Alex has stayed planted in one place with the best of everything. Arsene Wenger has been resourceful by getting the little known to greatness. David Moyes and Martin O’Neill have shown some brilliance over the years with average squads. Roy Hodgson and Mark Hughes have done some good jobs with their teams.   

Arsenal and Barcelona are littered with exceptional players and I would do with that talent. I would do with a salary form Man City, who have more money than Africa has safe drinking waterLiverpool and Real Madrid have great and rich history than any other in the world. It is necessary to have the patience of Manchester United.   

 This is the reason why I would coach Stoke City any day over any team. They are a team that lose shape in defence and midfield when they are under siege. Stoke are never anything close to patience. Their angles of support and speeds of approach in defensive areas, distances of cover when man-marking, their tracking of opponents and the recovery runs they make are bad and ill-timed. The first thing to deal with here, will be to direct their energies to positive aggression. I would coach them to keep their defensive shape at all times. This training is not easy but will be primary.   

Their transition from attack to defense is very slow, taking almost forever to get men between their goal and the ball, and this delay causes frustration that leads to diving at opposition into tackles as a desperate measure. They have mistimed ball winning skills. The most important thing on this part will be to practise recovery runs and to coach the defence to staying on their feet as soon as they get goalside of the ball.   

They win the ball and lose it with the same urgency. Stoke goes through the 3 to 4  ‘win the ball – lose the ball’ cycles every minute. It will be necessary to have them trained to have patience and selfishly keep the ball to themselves with a lot of jealousy. They must deny the opposition the ball by passing and protecting it well over extended periods of time. They should let the other teams chase the ball. This can be achieved slowly to start with, and then as it becomes comfortable, the tempo gets increased. There is already an advantage as they already are a team that penetrates very fast looking for Jones.   

To compliment the whole effort, it will be necessary to have a capable figure to compliment Jones, as he harasses defenders as a lonely figure upfront. He is powerful and has a wonderful work rate. Therefore, one to pick up the second ball when Jones jumps to knock them down, will be Marin from Werder Bremen. Believe it or not, Stock City would be a top four team in three years and easily.


8 comments on “The Best Team To Coach In The Premiership Today.

  1. sir alex has stayed planted in one place with the best of everything..Have to agree with you absolutely.
    Tse Ndex for St Pauli Hamburg

    • Hahaha, thanks Mpume for that and at least you agree with me. Many coaches would have achieved what Sir Alex has if afforded the same conditions. It is time to pack my bags.

  2. I am sorry majida but not all coaches would have necessarily succeeded at manure as The Boss has. It takes a lot of man management skills and the driving acumen to come tops in a football club. Some bosses wither away at the sheer pressure of running ‘top’ players and remain for ever trying to be sweet and humble where aggression and rule of thumb is called for, I think Sparky was overwhelmed at city, whereas Roy K over did the boss bit at Sunderland, so its not as easy! Do you think our top coaches eZim who produced some of the best players, who went on to play overseas can cut it in the Prem League? I actually know one eblues..utopi wami sibili who won almost everything lamaJuniors but hatshi kuyala with the big boys in the Zim Premier league!

    I also think Ndex you can do it now with a good grounding and working with a seasoned guy at first! Madoda management is a trade …you really need time and exposure.

    • Mafax, I agree with most of the points you raised. I agree that to have what Sir Alex had and use it properly is in itself talent. The pressure of high profile players and environment can not be over emphasised, but then 90% of the coaches are expected to perform just as well with 10% of what he has. The unfortunate part of many coaching jobs is the lack support from club management. People usually look at your face and give you a contract that has a finer print to say they will fire you over night without any financial loss to the club. My observation about other coaches, is that they can only perform where they are. If you move them, they are lost and some will not even take that risk. This is true everywhere. Do you call that good management?

  3. The honest truth is Sir Alex has everything planned in his head coupled with talent and a bit of luck. Man Utd was a very ordinary side and very much below teams like Everton when he took over the reigns. I agree with MAFU 1000%, because Alex took a risk and brought in his military disciplinary strategies which helped him break the two horse dorminance in Scotland by CELTIC &Rangers with little known ABERDEEN. He took it personally to topple Liverpool and he did it with the team he assembled, developed and maintaned to conquer. He even managed to break record books to go for the top players and managed to man manage them with his style, not only to win games but to improve them and the game. eg ERIC CANTONA, ANDY COLE, DWIGHT YOKE etc.

    The Man utd’s winning culture was brought by sir Alex like the winning culture in Chelsea was brought in by Mourinho.
    The only thing keeping this old man in the game is his desire to actually topple Liverpool and it can backfire on him. The person with the ego and personal style to destroy Sir ALEX was JOSE but the powers at Chelsea realized the powers the guy was building for himself with little or less respect for the forces which were helping him.

    Soccer coaching/management to some is team building and to others is finishing or doing the final touches on teams built by others and it will depends on what the fans appreciate most and in most cases is the one doing last touches and getting results because all they want are bragging rights.

    • At this point, I must agree greatness is relative, as much as the definition of coaching and management can be. Encompassing the man-management policies with total quality management concepts as well as drawing the best technical abilities of individuals will produce a tactically complete situation in any team can be the pivotal point in question.

      True that Sir Alex reduced Liverpool from the helm of the throne they had dominated in the late 70s and the rest of the 80s, with tenacious and astute management styles. That came, as you mentioned, with having great players like Roy Keane, Steve Bruce, Peter Schmichael, Eric Cantona, Paul Ince and Teddy Sherringham. For this reason, he may not like to seek any challenge elsewhere, and I do not think he will find a place he will strike the same code as he did at Manchester, as much as I don’t think any one will succeed at Man U after he eventually leaves. Those are big shoes to fill and he knows it. Those who are not fans of The Special One may not agree that Jose is the nearest Man U will ever get to Sir Alex. It can be debated which came first, success or patience, for Ferguson to strike it rich at Old Trafford. The balance between the two will be a safe bet and not many coaches get to see that or indeed the light of day, save for Arsene Wenger.

      I totally agree with your last statement that greatness is the mind of the fans, especially considering they are the ones who will come to be onwers and presidents of these clubs and hire professionals based on emotion and not facts. In essence, Sir Alex is a great coach/manager who got all things set for success in a way no other coach has been afforded both by nature and man, and again, he knows it. Why is so hard though for other to afford manager such resources and time to build great teams?

  4. I respect your view Ndex and Alex can be replaced by a new and modern coach who can strike a balance btwn coaching, winning and serve as a marketing symbol!! That coach might require a little bit of luck like what happened in Barcelona.

    • Thanks for your well informed views that have got me thinking in other ways. I will always respect you and Mafu’s professional contributions and opinions on technical matters and hope that we continue to enlighten each other in such beautiful ways. Stay blessed.

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