Highlanders Lose Again To Dynamos In Yet Another Abandoned Match At BF.

Highlanders’s resurgence got a small derailment when they lost 1-2 to Dynamos. The league match played at Barbourfields followed a string of positive displays by Bosso, including the 2-1 victory over Caps United in the $100 000 ZAOGA Jubilee Celebration Shield. Memories of the last Dynamos visit were to haunt the fans once more, denting the little faith they had on the team.

Under-fire coach, Dynamos’ Elvis Chuchu Chiweshe had an anger to vent, after Dembare were eliminated from the Africa Champions League. They played fewer league games and are trying to make hay while the sun shines. The match was never going to be a walk in the park for either team, but as if addicted to misbehaviour, crowd trouble caused a now common abandonment of the match.

Deep into injury time, missiles rained into the pitch as fans felt the referee was giving Bosso a raw deal. Police were too eager to test their teargas canisters and those worked wonders. Bosso had a penalty appeal turned down in the first half. Things did not get better with time, fuelled by a controvential Dynamos goal. Bosso were leading 1-0 through a Francis Kanda goal, until there was 6 minutes on the clock, the time of a bad call by the referee.

There was a moment of madness in the Bosso defensive behaviour that was punished by Dynamos with 3 minutes of regulation time remaining. Arial Sibanda was beaten by a well-taken goal. Bosso had control of the first half while Dembare dominated the second.

What should done about this barbaric fans behaviour?


4 comments on “Highlanders Lose Again To Dynamos In Yet Another Abandoned Match At BF.

  1. No why is that when Highlanders lose they want to make noise. Inkinga leyi there must be no match to be played in BF.

    • Thanks Lasmon, but then, if there is no games at BF how does that help anyone? Don’t you think it is a problem of people and not the place? I will try to bring you highlights of that match and the violence.

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