Wayne Rooney Hits More Headlines With Fresh Rumours.

Notorious as it sounds, you cannot ignore a claimed interest of Spain’s Barcelona in Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney. Overseas Sunday morning tabloids reported a “highly placed Barca source” saying: “Rooney’s position is worth monitoring if things become increasingly difficult for him in England.”

This is said to be made in reference to Rooney’s struggle to cope with the spotlight amid allegations over his marital issues. There is even a rumour doing rounds about a Christmas party ban by Sir Alex. I think the reports are mischievous and prey  on the misfortune of the troubled star’s difficult love life. He has enough on his plate to deal with external non core issues than rumours.

Rooney is trying to fix his life after scandals that are tearing him apart. John Terry and Ashley Cole have previously suffered the media and fans’ wrath after their family matters were public consumption. Tiger Woods also recently divorced due to the same line of marital sins that the media seem to thrive on.

It is no secret that Wayne Rooney is a great footballer and that anyone would express the desire to have him. Reporting that teams like Barca and Real Madrid are interested is just trying to sell cheap news. It is like saying Barca want Cesc Fabregas. 

On the positive note, perhaps Rooney needs this as a better way to make headlines as he tries to put his life on track. In that case, it is a good job well done. Rooney has been off-form since the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. His private life just adds to the derailed performance that may be a result of dealing with the pressure Chelsea placed on Manchester United by winning the league last season.

As you can see now, Chelsea are not giving up and Rooney is not taking it down well. Do you think splashing footballers’ scandals is good news?


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