Press Statement – Highlanders Football Club

Highlanders Football Club Vs Dynamos Football Club – 26 September 2010
Following the events that took place at Barbourfields Stadium on Sunday 26 September 2010 the Club would like to state the following:
1) The club regrets the incidents of violence that marred an otherwise good game and would like to condemn the violent elements among the soccer loving fraternity and hope that the law will catch up with the culprits.
2) The club would like to thank all the football loving people who came to watch the game against Dynamos Football Club, especially its supporters who thronged Barbourfields Stadium for the first time this season to come and cheer the team. “Siyabonga Highlander omuhle”
3) Whilst the club appreciates that to ‘err is human’ we would like to appeal to those that look after the game to ensure that high standards are maintained so as to starve ammunition to would be hooligans bent on tarnishing the image of the game.
4) The club would like to call upon the football fraternity to be mature when dealing with these issues as instigators and perpetrators of violence must be dealt with in a like manner.
5) Whilst we appreciate that there could be a lot of pressures out there, we would like to appeal to fans to desist from engaging in violent activities as this tarnishes the images of the clubs as well as sponsors, it also chases would be sponsors away.
6) As an Executive we take all the necessary precautions in ensuring a safe stadium for supporters by assigning relevant organs to take care of security matters before, during and after the match. Where such incidents do happen we believe we must let those with the expertise deal with them without compromising their professionalism.
7) The club would like to assure the soccer loving public that their concerns are being taken seriously and we will be working flat out to make Barbourfields a place to be for the family.
8) The Club will be taking measures to address the problems of crowd control and would like to call upon all the stakeholders to come on board for the good of the game.
Once more the club would like to thank its supporters that have heeded the call to come back and support the team, sithi “LINGADINWA LAKUSASA”
By Order of the Executive

T Ndlela
Executive Chairman


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