The Abandoned Match – What Actually Happened. (via The Bosso Blog)

The Highlanders vs Dynamos fixture is turning to be a big fuss over nothing. The league has no sponsor and what is all this fighting for? Bragging rights? Even small teams from Masvingo think they can turn the potential sponsors away by showing their muscles, which are as big as a new born baby biceps. As we speak, Barbourfields has been ‘closed’ as reported in The Chronicle, due to damaged perimeter fencing and possibly other damages.

The BancABC match had a sponsor who is now even thinking of pulling out. Bosso lost an unappealable case and not only did they appeal, they won a High Court replay. I respect the law, but it is not sponsoring football. BancABC want their finals match played this weekend. If Bosso hope to get a chance, they must replay their match between now and then, or else BancABC will quit.

Anyway, Highlanders Chairman, Themba Ndlela issued a press statement about the club’s view on hooliganism. It is a welcome idea to have the Executive committee come forward and inform us, a detour from the previous cases where sources information for your consumption was like getting a prescription from a chemistry, whereby you have to pay consultation to the doctor and then que for your turn. Bosso will always have a place in your heart. That is why it will be vital for this new trend to continue.

Back to the violence. Please guys stop this nonsense and now. Quit your barbaric heart and abandon it right away. The game is supposed to be beautiful. If you cannot take defeat, do not go to the stadium. Afterall Bosso is playing badly, so you will miss nothing. The game has to attarct sponsors and your acts are exaclty what is keeping the money away.

Get indepth understanding of what happened from those who were there.

By Muzi Hadebe. I am not sure where the Dembare fans come into the picture, in view of the Sunday game. I think we have to call a spade a spade if we are to win the battle of crowd trouble matches at BF. The problem is not the whole of the Bosso fans, but a certain section of unruly fans from the Soweto stand, very young boys for that matter. It will be wrong to paint the whole Bosso community or the whole Zimbabwean soccer fans with the same bru … Read More

via The Bosso Blog


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