Premiership: Chelsea And Manchester City In Great Home Wins.

Didier Drogba and Alex scored for Chelsea as the time to separate boys from men came face to face with Arsenal and they failed the men test. There was deserved celebrations at the City of Manchester Stadium as Man City dispatched Newcastle by a 2-1 scoreline. Liverpool were a usual disappointing lot of nowadays with a humiliating loss to Blackpool. The Reds sank 1-2.

The weekend that so a sensational 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur victory over Aston Villa in a Backlays English Premier League at White Hart Lane is characterised by Manchester United’s worst performance in years. The Red Devils failed to cope withe pedestrian pace of the match and Sunderland were very unlucky to drop the 2 points. 

The Premiership teams are getting their rhythm now and a true picture is emerging. It is usually for late surprises and surges by teams and average teams like Spurs, Villa and Everton will do themselves a lot of favours to garner points now. Ruthless Chelsea, toothless Manchester United and spent Liverpool are great side still to hit their peak.

European championships are taking their toll but good teams must have the depth and wits to come out unstuck. Spurs have the mantle and pedigree to do well. They have the players and coach to deliver. Their inexperience in dealing with a congested fixture will lower their potential level of performance by the divided attention.

Do you think Arsenal are on the right track?

The rest of the results: Chelsea 2 – Arsenal 0, Liverpool 1 – Blackpool 2, Man City 2 – Newcastle 1, West Ham 1 – Fulham 1, West Brom 1 – Bolton 1, Stoke City 1 – Blackburn 0, Birmingham City 0 – Everton 2, Wigan Athletic 2 – Wolverhampton 0.


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