The English Premiership Results: Spurs Bury Villa 2-1 as Man U Disappoints.

Man of the moment, Rafael van der Vaart


Tottenham Hotspur came from a goal down to win 2 – 1 against Aston Villa in a Backlays English Premier League at White Hart Lane. Evidence of heavy legs due to the Champions League took its toll on the Spurs team. Spurs hammered Partizan 4 – 1 a few days back. Rafael van de Vaart was the toast of the hosts with a telling performance that produced a first injury time equaliser from a Peter Crouch header service of top quality. 

He finished off with aplomb to seal the real deal. Manchester United proved to be a yester team with a laboured draw at the Stadium of Light. Sunderland were unlucky not to beat an out of sorts United. To be fair, the fading masters of football were a victim of the midweek Champions League. 

A 0 – 0 result was a raw deal for the hosts and Sir Alex Ferguson surely treasures the point gained. Three points gained in Spain at Valencia were so precious given the ones dropped against Rangers at Old Trafford a fortnight ago. Manchester United’s failure to get a first away win must be a warning to Arsenal who have their fixture coming in 24 hours. The Gunners tasted a very cool 3 – 1 victory midweek and will have to up their game to pick up points. 

Emmanuel Alimuna had a nightmare of a match last week and Arsene Wenger replaced him with a better Fabianski. Alimuna may claim to have seen a lion or a snake in that nightmarish performance against West Brom. In Africa you can get away with that excuse as it has been the case with goalkeepers seeing several balls and do not know which one to block. 

It is also usual for witch doctors to scratch players’ backs with leopard’s paws so they run as fast. Theo Walcott will need a lot of that if he recovers, for the Gunners to remain within shouting distance of the leaders. Chamakh is getting to score regularly but then Arsenal are patenting a very bad habit. 

They repel penalty kicks with amazing and chilling accuracy. In Africa, they would reconsider eating pork or fish before matches as this can be a result of the bad luck swines bring or the slippery fish that skids the ball away. If they engage witch doctors, they may join company with Man U in notoriously having all players go through between legs of naked women at night. There is smoking and burning of herbs and the like. Man U miss the target with pin-point accuracy. 

Maybe technology has nullified those tendencies which many of us saw during our hey days with the jujuman, but it is high time someone did something to restore order in the Premiership. Talking of order, Stoke City won again. I am not coaching that team by remote by they remain my team of choice by far. 

Can someone convince me that the champions, Chelsea, deserve my backing, despite their ruthless nature which their fans are rightly proud of? 

Other results: West Ham 1 – Fulham 1, West Brom 1 – Bolton 1, Stoke City 1 – Blackburn 0, Birmingham City 0 – Everton 2, Wigan Athletic 2 – Wolverhampton 0.


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