Fathi Finally Bids Farewell To Highlanders FC.

Mohammed Fathi - Had Enough and Going home.

Mohammed Fathi has left Highlanders Bosso in a cloud of mystery, given the revelations that he gave a month’s notice. While the Bosso family were unhappy with the Egyptian mentor, Fathi was also unhappy with the material and resources at his disposal. 

Fathi is said to have expressed an issue of salary payment defection by the club as the main reason. Like predecessor Madinda Ndlovu, it is believed to be owed thousands of dollars in salary arrears. However, the clear message from the ground is that, while the Executive Committee expected results from Fathi, the players are not near championship quality. They are demotivated by nonpayment of salaries and winning bonuses as has been evidenced by the now familiar industrial actions. 

There is yet another school of thought that the players have the potential and that there may be issues within the team that the public is unaware of. One source close to the team has question the possibility of a coach serving notice and even then, the club does not bother to line-up his replacement. Mkhuphali Masuku, his assistant, is likely to take charge of the rocked boat. 

Masuku will have to deal with the same hungry players to produce the results. It still remains to be seen if any improvements in terms of player welfare and acquisition will be possible. This question of a possible operation in a vacuum will scare any potential candidates to take the job full-time. Coaches who are worth their salt have to be paid, and well. A salary of $5000,00 is very average and with no fans going to watch home matches and no sponsorship for both the league and the team, that may be gold for Bosso to find. 

Mkhuphali or the new coach has to deal with Dynamos again in less that 4 weeks in the final of the ZAOGA Jubilee Celebrations Cup. The match was likely to be played at the now banned BF. It is a tall order for anyone to play a well oiled Dembare that blasted reigning league champions 4-1. 

So whoever comes must expect more or less to be paid haphazardly and be grateful for whatever comes. Fans will have to expect the result to trickle in the same way and stop the nonsensical violent behaviour at the stadia. The alternative is a fly by night coach who will walk in to work for peanuts and ride some luck to win all the remaining matches and the team wins the championship. This will attract the people to the stadium and the gate-takings will boost the coffers for a team to hire another dear expatriate coach. 

It is not that there is anything wrong with foreign coaches. I like them, especially Africans. If they were bad, the national teams would have stopped recruiting them. They are fashionable and are cool, especially when they speak English with a heavy accent. It keeps players listening to the funny parts of the words. Usually players do not get the message or instructions. 

Black Mambas Director of Coaching, Madinda Ndlovu is a disappointed man with these developments. His worry is the way coaches do not get things to work with and end up taking the walk. Ndlovu feels the sacrifice the coaches take should be taken into account and all the help and support must be afforded them to work more professionally. Asked about the players, he was adamant the junior football structures must be revisited and player development start in earnest. 

Ndlovu, now also national assistant coach of Zimbabwe Warriors, Tom Saintfeit, mourned the loss of proper structures nationally but was particular about the material Bosso should be creating for themselves as was the case yesteryear. What do you think Bosso need now and who should be appointed coach?


7 comments on “Fathi Finally Bids Farewell To Highlanders FC.

  1. Whoever Bosso hires….Mkhuphali lacks the experience….he is a close colleague but at the current moment Bosso needs a fatherly coach with experience… the issue is more on moral than playing…

  2. zrp do they still exist? honestly, which football team would do well under a prevailing political climate where the general populace is equaly hungry for decent salaries. In Maslows hierachy of needs, football would be the last thing on people’s budgets. Highlanders fc have always had ups and downs but prevailed. coaches have come and gone. our local teams can not afford decent resources to sustain their players. everyone is hungry and hunger makes man eat man. I love bosso and pray that once again they will ride this prevailing storm. BTW did you say hihglanders dynamos storm gets worse? Has there been another incident other than the one you just refered to? I get the impression that you have judges bosso and found them guilty. the team via its spokesman has already admitted to that. There is no need to fuel this disaster by re echoing whats been admitted to. in any case its not new to hear about hilghlanders and dynamos fans clashing/ot better still highlanders fans misbehaving. BTW st pauli fans are also terrible. just last week there was a lot of blood shed in Hamburg, teagas, n water whatever, and innocent victims caught in the fray. football by nature has a potential for violent fans venting their anger when they loose or feel cheated by a referree. thank God there are people who still go to watch soccer at bf. tshilamoya, yi bosso ngenkani. when there is noone else to blame, the hammer blames the nail. without highlanders i wouldn’t have heard of madinda. and we already knew that bosso owes madinda money for servise renderd. its an old story.

    • Mpume, Bosso has always had a row deal with refs. Fans have been involved in raw deals with the police. This particular macth in the 3rd case in 6 weeks. It was Dynamos, FC Victoria and then Dynamos. Football violence is everywhere. From the footage available, the fans from the Soweto stands had a choice to remain put as did those from Edgars and Empankweni. I am not judging them. It was an observation. The PSL may fly me to be the in the disciplinary committee for the case. If so, be rest assured, they are guilty. As of now, the best we can do is love them and hope somebody turns a blind eye. The new coach coming in will have to work under worse conditions that Fathi. The cycle is never ending. Any solutions from your side for Mantengwane?

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