Highlanders and Dynamos Cause BancABC To Abandon Football.

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There is speculation that Tom Saintfeit signed his contract on Monday. It is not clear if the assistant coaches signed theirs. His salary is reported to be $7000, 00 a month. The Belgian conducted his first training session yesterday and soon after that, it is claimed he was ordered to leave the country. While the new Warriors coach was adamant to be on the bench come Sunday’s home match against Cape Verde, it is said he should reside outside Zimbabwe until he secures a work permit.

He believed he would be fast-tracked to get a work permit like a former Brazilian Warriors coach, Voulinho, who was granted the document after only 2 days. This seems to be a miscalculation of the Belgian who underestimates the division that surrounded his appointment. Interested third parties may be at work to engage in personal issues of the local game that is being investigated in match throwing scandals. He was reminded there is no guarantee of the success of his application.

Actually, I must be telling that BancABC are pulling out of football sponsorship in Zimbabwe. The reason is Highlanders FC of Bulawayo and Dynamos of Harare. The 2 teams were involved in a an abandoned semi-final weeks back. The case was however given to a disciplinary committee and the arbitration ad-hoc committee that was chaired by Don Moyo.The final ruling gave the match to Dynamos on a 3 – 0 scoreline.

The rules state that the decision of an ad hoc committee is final and must not be challenged. However, Bosso went to court and the High Court suspended the tournament until all channels were exhausted. It seems the channels will be forever exhausted now as the sponsors wanted the final played this week. Besides, they had expressed their desire to have football issues dealt with within football circles.In light of the developments, the PSL pleaded with the teams for a compromise. Bosso offered a replay of the whole match while Dynamos said they would only play nine minutes that were the remainder of the time when the match was abandoned.

However, as it turned out, Bosso laughed Dynamos to scorn saying Dembare will play 9 minutes against itself as they do 9 minutes matches. Dynamos went on to say the match was theirs and were only compromising in playing 9 minutes as a courtesy to sponsors and not as a favour to Bosso. These clubs can go on bickering and destroying their images and dragging the name of the sponsors into dirty mud. As to how much these does to potential sponsors, only they can say. In fact, it looks like they do not care.

The PSL are now caught between the floor and the head of a magnetic jack hammer. They are the custodians of this football tournament and hence must make decisions of football. This is the expectation of BancABC, yet the case is under the laws of the territory of the dispute. Football has been transformed into a legal matter, all because of senseless Dynamos and Highlanders. Shame on you all.


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