Highlanders Beat Shabani As Masuku Shows Fathi How To Coach.

The best thing about this blog is you the reader. You did not expect me to report about the boring South Africa’s Bafana and Zimbabwe Warriors’ goalless draws as you have much better things to do than hear how the strikers fired blanks. I do not intend to bore you any further with that now. Someone was trying to seduce me to tell you how Madinda Ndlovu took a back seat while Norman Mapeza backed the instruction after ZIFA had a press conference to say Ndlovu was not head coach but they were co-coaches. MaY you read something worthwhile now.

Highlanders were in no charitable mood, collecting the 6th point under new home-grown acting coach, Mkhuphali Masuku when they hammered Shabanie in a Premier Soccer League match that took place at Luveve Stadium because BF was closed by the City Council. Fathi was nowhere to take notes from Masuku, who won his first game last Thursday in Harare over Gunners.

The solitary goal from Francis Kanda in the fifth minute was enough to seal the deal although the striker was sent off for a second bookable offence in the 65th minute. The match was stopped for about 24 minutes as trademark hooliganism by Highlanders supporters saw the throwing of missiles into the field. However, the Highlanders executive led by Andrew Tapela, the technical bench and the police managed to quell the situation. This addiction to craziness is as fashionable as walking off the pitches by the visiting teams and it’s getting into my nerves.

Shabanie player Caleb Masocha could be seen inciting his teammates not to resume play after breathing the same air the Dynamos players seem to get easily. That air affects players from Masvingo as well, as you will remember FC Victoria walked off the pitch as well. 

Paying fans were to enjoy a ‘buy one, get one free’ as they witness a few free bouts of boxing after the match. Manny Paciaio and Floyd Mayweather Junior would have been a little jealous as the players got into a fracas and police will spend a few days picking up teeth on the scene of the crime. More colour the tha event was added by the bottles and missiles being littered into the pitch as the crowd failed to acquire confetti. Shabanie team got a Presidential escorted to the dressing rooms and all for free.


2 comments on “Highlanders Beat Shabani As Masuku Shows Fathi How To Coach.

  1. bathathe cooper. Guys correct style of play dat suits d quality of players dat u have n also being able to motivate players. Personally I like Cooper n I know dat guy just likes d team n wld do n thng for d progress of d team

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