Liverpool Is Going Down. Gerrard, Torres and Johnson ‘Taken’.

Liverpool's bank accounts empty.

Far East products usually came in the poorest of qualities and labelled ‘Made in Hong Kong’. Being fake of the big brands, the lingo processing machines coined the word ‘Fong Kong’ to describe any product from the east. It may have been the reason why Liverpool owners snubbed the earlier Chinese buyer who was labelled a pretender.

There was a lot of other possibilities that were never news. The past week brought a ‘signed, sealed and delivered’ case with the Boston Red Sox basketball team owners of USA making the ‘final’ bid. Tom Hicks and George Gillett who ran Liverpool to the ground, challenged the transactions because they wanted more money for the business they destroyed. Kop Holdings, their company, faces liquidation.

The issue turned from being business to a legal matter as Hicks and Gillett went to court. Their decision quickly changed the landscape once more as it turned out to have footballing implications. The fact that their company was facing liquidation means Liverpool would be under administration. Liverpool football club are spending their days in the murky relegation waters, and this would cause a 9 point deduction from The Reds by the Premiership. The Bible talks of ‘to who have little, even that little they has shall be taken away from them’. You can be assured the Merseyside will not be reading that verse for a while.

Liverpool can play in the Coca Cola championship for several years and never walk alone. Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Glen Johnson will then join Tottenham Hotspur. Actually, Torres can join Manchester United. Harry Redknapp would prefer David Ngog or Ryan Babel. He will be cover to the injury-prone Jermaine Defoe. The rest can take leave until the team comes back from oblivion.

While we are counting the eggs knowing the chicks are around the corner as the incubator optimum temperature and timer are ticking, a Singapore business man, Peter Lim, who was an earlier pretender, is carrying a spanner to throw into the works just to delay Liverpool’s fall. This will make them fall slowly and without breaking too much bone. We call the process, breaking the fall.He has pledged to pay much more than he wanted the first time around.

Let’s start bidding for the players. Gerrard, Johnson and Ngog are taken.


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