England’s Biggest Blunder and the English Premiership Weekend.

In a long and winding week of the boring Liverpool saga that has since been concluded, we suddenly remember the Premiership is here. There was a very strong smell of death during the international football week, with nothing to write home about. At least we have one of the most exciting fixtures of the Barclay’s English Premier League as Tottenham Hotspur take to the field. If you are an aspiring ‘big time coach’, get a pen and pad to take notes.

But first, a very sad football development has surfaced. England is one big unit often referred to as the custodians of the game. Like Brazil, who are the cathedral of football, it will be very unfair that you and me will never witness the FIFA World Cup in that proud  nation in our life-time. If you revel in mediocrity, you will be satisfied that at least, you witnessed the history making world cup in Africa in 2010, and that you may see the 2014 Brazil World Cup. If you will not see the English World Cup, ‘you ain’t seen no World Cup’, but then, the English are withdrawing their 2022 bid.

The logic is that FIFA committed themselves to a continental rotation hosting system. The USA and England had bids for the 2018 and 2022 world cups. The English felt they had a strong case in either situation, maybe because of their general superiority complex when it comes to the game. At least they still have that despite their over-ratedness and underachievement. Now that the USA withdrew their 2018 bid to concentrate their efforts on the 2022 case, England withdrew the 2022 case for the benefit of their 2018 bid. Sounds cool? Yes, but here is the danger.

If the 2018 world cup goes to a European nation that is not England, they can only host the 2044 FIFA World Cup next, that is if another European country do not beat them. I will be around then, but you won’t. The next thing that may happen, is that Australia hosts the 2018 and USA the 2022, then England can do so in 2026. I guess their arguement will save money and effort and will compel the voters to look at them with their hearts and not heads. They will have to make sure that a New Zealander called Dempsey who absonded in 2004 and gave the Germans the victory over South Africa to host the 2006 version, does not shoot their dreams down. Taking the worst case scenario, at least the English will have bred a generation of winning footballers who will actually have a say as to where the Cup is shelved after the July 11 of the tournament.

As for now, Spain must just hand the title and cup over to English to hold and behold, to love and to cherish, so that they don’t suffer a nervous breakdown. It may be depressing for them to know Brazil will win the 2014 World Cup and they will host the next tournament in 2044. That is a long term issue that we can look at in 2014. For today, the English Premiership fixtures of the weekend;

16 Oct, 15:00 Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur  Craven Cottage, London

16 Oct, 15:00 Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion  Old Trafford, Manchester


 16 Oct, 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Stoke City  Reebok Stadium, Bolton


 16 Oct, 15:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers v West Ham United  Molineux, Wolverhampton


 16 Oct, 15:00 Arsenal v Birmingham City  Emirates Stadium, London


 16 Oct, 15:00 Newcastle United v Wigan Athletic  St. James’ Park, Newcastle


 16 Oct, 17:30 Aston Villa v Chelsea Villa Park, Birmingham

 17 Oct, 13:30 Everton v Liverpool  Goodison Park, Liverpool


17 Oct, 16:00 Blackpool v Manchester City  Bloomfield Road, Blackpool

 18 Oct, 20:00 Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland   Ewood Park, Blackburn


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