FIFA goal-line video technology and common football misconception

Football usually takes a different view on a few issues of a general nature when compared to other ball sports. Rugby union as a matter of rule, can elevate a team-mate in a line up to snatch the ball away. That will be ungentlemanly conduct referred to as unsporting behaviour. Still on rugby, it is common for penalties to be taken with medical personnel still treating players on the field. The list goes on.

With Super diski, the most controversial rule and the most contentious is the off-side rule that keeps evolving to make it simpler and easier to understand. The simplicity makes the whole thing more complex, given the official fail to apply the basics correctly. FIFA asks referees to always give the attacking players  the benefit of the doubt in all cases. You would expect more ‘off-side’ goals to be scored, but contrary, genuine ones get ruled as illegitimate. This goes for a few cases as well, but strikers diving have made it worse for attackers to be trusted.

Actually, there is one issue in football that gets misunderstood by the usually vocal but less informed. The role of a captain. In cricket and rugby, these have powers and make very vital decisions and defends their people. The football captain role is more ceremonial than in these sports. His role is limited to communication channels outside the field. On the pitch, he only tosses and is expected to talk to his coach to relay messages to the team.

The skipper has no right whatsoever to challenge the referee, his assistants or their decisions. If he does so, he must be cautioned and shown a yellow card. He has no authority to defend any player in his team against the referee. None. To the referee, he is an ordinary someone like the rest. The officials will deal with him just to simply issues and relay messages instead of addressing the whole team. If you thought the captain is the lawyer for players treated unfairly, visit and google the laws of the game.

While there, just check out something funny about FIFA’s stance on the goal-line video technology. It was announced that they will give it a good thought and look only at the aspect limited on whether the ball crosses the line or not. They will be doing this to leave much of the game at the exposure of the human element that we want removed to start with. FIFA also say these methods slow down the game, but it is the players mobbing the officials and the 2 officials consulting that takes much more time and still get the decisions wrong.

With so many appeals in each match, surely using technology to look solely at the ball crossing the line and nothing else, is a waste of time in itself as well as resources, given the cost, convenience and maintenance of the equipment is for those cases occur once in a blue moon at each stadium while other contentious decisions rob good teams of their hard work results.

Really, how many times do teams have a Frank Lampard no goal case in ordinary leagues and matches? Yet so many goals are wrongly disallowed as offside or whatever. Worse, penalty appeals are turned down and teams suffer the bad decisions.

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