When the climax is an anti-climax but it was still good

Simply put, the Champions’ League is both  a yawn and bore for being only a club for the chosen few. While all know the chosen, the question has always been on the choosers. Barcelona, Manchester United and the rest have always been in the picture for a tiring while  now. Arsenal, Chelsea and Real Madrid have always found reason to cry foul perennially for their undesirability. Inter and AC Milan as well as the Bayern Munich side have been their worst enemies. UEFA, like many bread winners, will always take care of the cash cows. If one wants eggs, one does not waste time feeding layers mash to roosters.

Once in a while, Valencia have come into the picture but only as a silhoutte. The UEFA Champions’ League 20010/11 season had given the footballing world a different dimension of a red-hot romance the game has not experienced in years. The bubble would have to burst one day. Against Real Madrid, a Tottenham Hotspur inspired run received a reality check and had to come to an expected abrupt halt. Harry Redknapp knew when the death knell sounded and did not raise his, the players’ and fans expectations when the bubble did burst. Spurs’ campaign was romance made in heaven and delivered at both the White Hart Lane and the San Siro, largely by one Gareth Bale. Spurs and Bale were hugely unkwowns and this season’s performances have made them household names.It remains to be seen how the team reacts to that red-hot performance in Europe next seaon.

That their qualification is of paramount importance now than ever before, as we have discussed before, it can never the over emphasised. Booking a quarter-final spot against Madrid, a feat not achieved by the chosen only, was the climax of Spurs in over 4 decades. Though it ended as an anti-climax in the 90 minutes at the Santiago Bernebeu, , it was a good anti-climax many would have loved to get even at a cost. Spurs were handsomely paid for their prowess, ranking well high on the richest clubs for the past season.


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