Manchester United date deadly Barcelona

Save for the die-hard Manchester United, the semi-final tie, especially the 2nd leg at Old Trafford, against Schalke 04 of Germany was always going to be a boring affair, given the Bundesliga outfit arrived to that point by luck and came into this particular match after a good hiding in the domestic league.

Sir Alex Ferguson was honest enough, proving this point, by fielding a makeshift team that blew away Schalke like a tornado flying a kite. Despite the token resistance, the visitors were emphatically crushed 4-1 on the night. Valencia made his come back after a lengthy absence due to injury and fringe Michael Owen also threw his weight around. Without Wayne Rooney, though he has not been much of a hot cake he was years ago, 4 goals seem too much for a UEFA semi-final.

Brazilian midfielder Anderson had a brace to his name and Valencia was also on the score-sheet. Booking a date at Wembley with red-hot Barcelona in May 28, 2011, United have their work cut out for them. The Catalans will relish competition as SAF has no respect for the Spanish giants as he seeks revenge for a bad deal of 2 finals ago. It must be remembered that when lightning strikes, it leaves its ‘eggs’ and it is said that it is a sign that it will be back. Barcelona may strike twice.

Unlike Madrid who played to counter Barca, United will play their straight forward type of football. Uninspiring as it may, their formular is exactly what will unlock Barcelona. It will be a battle of the ‘best league’ title as well, since there is always be a question of the 2 Spanish giants coping with a hectic and physical nature of the English Premiership. How things will play out then, it is a story for another day. Do you think Barca can be stopped by United?


3 comments on “Manchester United date deadly Barcelona

  1. l’m one of the man u supporters, cm 28 may things wl fall apart, coz what l’ve seen at barcca, its really amazing, messi ,xavi, purlo,inestar only 2 name a few,

    • What I have seen with teams plaing Barca, is that they design a way of dealing with Barca offence. Man U will run at them and give them something to deal with at the back. I think Guardiola knows this but has he got the solution?

  2. The Spanish game differs to the English game. I honestly don’t think Barca will know how to contain Valencia or Park in the middle of the park.Wembley will be a park of pain.It will be cheese against chalk!

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