England World Cup bid gone bad must now be a FIFA burden

Save for the monarch, the English standards of ethics had been one of their most recognizable assets of the 20th century. This is the 21st. Standards of anything are not standard. This, the English do not need to learn anymore. It’s too late. One English football member seems to be raffling the feathers especially to those people who like to be surprised. He claims four FIFA members wanted a bribe for their votes in the 2018 and 2022 bids.

This has led the global federation to look surprised and promise swift action upon provision of evidence. This wastes our time in the matters of the beautiful game. To start with, FIFA asked nations to present a business plan. I have always paid lots for copies and mailing for mine too. Most of them failed to comply with a certain requirement.

England bid against nations who talked the language of the voters and kept quiet during the game. The dumb thing is that they were taught the language and refused to learn it. Now they cry foul, and of all dates, today. All what FIFA members said to England was, ‘show me your business plan’, that is to say, show how much the vote is worth to them. None of the members mentions is said to have asked for a yacht or chopper. One wanted a project for his country for his trouble while others had different ideas. Given the status of the countries of the se gentlemen, these optional request were purely unselfish.

We all know how people carry gifts on visiting friends or associates. England forgot that one. What England put in, they got out and now FIFA extinguish the flames. I always have issues with FIFA but this time, there is no issue. South Africa may have cried foul when Dempsey of Oceania did not cast the vote that would have given the 2006 FIFA World Cup to Germany. Why they did not set up a trap and kill the rat in the kitchen?

As precise as it gets, England hold a very strong voting power in the IFAB, a board that make the Laws of the Game. After a ‘no goal’ that was scored by Frank Lampard at the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, it sounded so ironic that their refusal to have video goal technology had stabbed them. They went on to grudgingly accept indirect routes to decide occurrences unprofessionally. Now they expect imperfect people to be professional because they lost a bid they could have won.

 Now that they did not pay the bribe and that these said members will have the assets for their families and communities, we will see if anything changes for England and FIFA members. This is to say, if there is ‘enough evidence’, then there should be arrests. In that case, a World Cup host who bribed any member to do so, shall be stripped of that right. And that is ‘IF’. Otherwise, I am not buying their story and so shouldn’t FIFA. Now they have to fulfil the obligation of requesting for evidence. It was just a good England bid gone bad.


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