Bosso do to Caps what they did to Dynamos

Highlanders easily beat Caps United 1-0 to advance to the semi-final of the BancABC Cup that was almost scrapped off the Zimbabwe football calendar owing to the fracas that ended up in the courts last season.

Bosso flexed their muscle over Caps by a solitary Gilbert Banda goal. It was the second time in succession this season that the defender had inflicted the same nail on the faded Cup Kings.

In yearsteryears, Dynamos were the weeping boys being beaten by Bosso numerous occasions in a season. The years of Captain Thulani Biya Ncube can never eb forgotten, when Dembare was beaten within weeks of each other in the DAIRIBOARD and INDEPENDENCE Cups a decade ago.

The 10 men Tshilamoya had to contend with inferior manpower problems but came out tops after a resolute Cup game plan against a team that is becoming accustomed to 0-1 defeats by 10 men squads after the same fate befell them last week against Harare giants, Dynamos.

Earlier in the league, Gilbert Banda scored the odd goal at Barbourfields Stadium against the Manchester Road Boys and efforts for revenge were never on sight as lighting stroke the same team twice but only in different places. Comments from the jubilant coach and players could not be published on time as the team was dancing the night away.


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