Man U vs Arsenal; What you should have read before the did.

Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United F.C.

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As much as I cannot believe this was said, again, I cannot believe I actually did not write about it this time. The respected Sir Alex FergusonManchester United will be playing Arsenal, recently rated below the Manchester City reserve team. As has become tradition , SAF has stroke Arsene Wenger‘s ego, going straight for the scrotum like a monkey.

The Man U veteran manager with record titles went from saying how great Wenger is, being the greatest manager the Gunners have ever had and to saying he believed Arsenal would beat Udinese despite some Gunners not having faith in the gifted youthful under performing side.

His point that will always be valid is, Arsenal have always played well and that teams like Chelsea and Manchester City have stepped up a gear to give United competition. This has definitely reduced room for error by either former power houses in Liverpool and Arsenal.

For me all this talk is hypocritical is praising Wenger when they will be playing the Gunners this weekend. SAF has always said this and went on to thrash the hapless boys. Swapping his history and that of the Frenchman would not please Fergie at all, but he expects the Gunners manager to take the pat on the back as a complement. To actually scratch Wenger’s under side even softer, he goes on to say how unappreciative the fans are, given the Gunners have always played well. He forgets howls that did not help anyone when his own team played the worst football and won the championship last season.

If he expects us to believe that playing well is better for Arsenal and winning is a feat fit for United, I buy his story. Until further notice, Wenger must remember SAF will have the last laugh and he works for Manchester United and not Arsenal. Fergie is plotting a legal slaughter and it is only a matter of time.


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