Super boot ‘with a brain’ costs £245

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Amateur footballers will be able to compare their performance to the game’s stars – courtesy of a £245 pair of boots.

A new boot from sports apparel manufacturer Adidas claims players will be able discover personal speed, distance and work rate during a match – whether it be a pub match on a Sunday morning or a kickabout with friends in a public park – wearing what they are calling “the boot with a brain”.

The use of computer chips in sport is becoming more and more prevalent.  Last year there was a lot of talk about chips being inserted into footballs after Frank Lampard‘s goal was disallowed during the World Cup, and a German company Cairos Technologies even held discussions with American football’s NFL about such a set-up.

Meanwhile, Nike and Apple have enjoyed high sales after combining their considerable resources to develop the ‘Nike+iPod Sport kit,” which uses a wireless sensor and receiver combination to turn an iPod or iTouch into a personal workout coach when combined with a specially purchased set of Nike trainers.

Now it would appear German giants Adidas have discovered a gap in the football boot market  and their gushing press release claims that their “adiZero F50 boot” contains the following:

– a built in cavity within the outsole which houses the data capturing chip.

– a sensor that captures 360 degrees movement and measures key performance metrics including speed, average speed (recorded every second), maximum speed (recorded every five seconds), number of sprints, distance covered, distance at high intensity levels as well as steps and stride rates.

– An on-board memory that stores up to seven hours of all measurements during your game or training which can then wirelessly transmit your on pitch performance data to your computer.

– Stats that can be uploaded to existing training plans via a website, and can then be incorporated into coaching programs created specifically for the wearer.

– “Sprintweb”: Which the boot claims provides stability during high speed movements.

– “Sprintskin”: A single layer synthetic which is said to improve ball-feeling and reduces weight.

– “Sprintframe”: Which uses ‘geometrics and new stud construction to offer the perfect balance between lightweight and stability.’

Despite the presence of the chip, the adiZero F50 boot weighs only 165g – which Adidas claims makes it lightest pair of boots on the market.

High profile Adidas clients such as Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Manchester United forward Ashley Young and Tottenham midfielder Gareth Bale have already signed up to wear the new updated version of the boots from November.

The players have committed to sharing their “stats” with fellow users of the boot so that those who purchase the product can compare their own performances to that of the international superstars.

The new boot hits the shops in November. Prices start at £200 with the boots and relevant software weighing in at £245.



(From Yahoo Eurosport).



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    • As for Messi is massive technique just bestowed on one individual. But maybe you are right. There may be something gluing the ball to that magician’s feet.

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