The Next English Coach?

David Beckham

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I think it is both notorious and mischievous if not totally misplaced to think the underperforming Arsene Wenger is linked to the England job while he cannot kick-start Arsenal into anything worth writing home about. The bite is that he will be replaced at the Emirates by the Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola.

What lot pundits fail to comprehend is that Pep earns well, and Wenger taught Gunners how to save. Arsenal is the stingiest club, given their resources, in world today.

Wenger has hit a performance dry patch which he has been manufacturing for 4 years now. During that period, he amassed a lot of praise and admiration as building a team of youngsters who would conquer the world. Now, the veteran youth team is disbanding and experiencing its worst start to a Premier League season, being 15th in the Barclays Premier League table, and waiting for a trophy they haven’t won for six years.

Speculation that Guardiola would not cost much in compensation and that after winning two Champions League trophies alongside domestic silverware, he has not much to prove at Barca, hence may be attracted to Arsenal.

But that is not my point. Wenger cannot be the English coach and not now. His contract with Arsenal has to run for another year or so and England need a coach by December 2011.

Harry Redknapp bask in the glory of being associated with the England job, at one point saying how much things change by playing in the UEFA Champions League. The Tottenham Hotspur fairy tale run saw him being the front-runner to replace Fabio Capello whose contract is basically over after qualifying for the Euro 2012. ‘It’s Arry this, Arry that’ he once quipped.

In those days, Big Sam Alladyce’s name was also thrown in the hat, as did Martin O;neill, Steve Copell, Sam Cubbishley, who is credited with keeping Chalton Athletic in top league for 10 years and Roy Hodgson. One cannot wonder but ponder at the ever mind-boggling football bosses’ thought that  charismatic fashion icon, David Beckham can take England to the top.

The Dunga/Diego fiasco of the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup is never a platform for the distinguished gentlemen to learn that playing and coaching are water and fire. They are totally different things. I bet that is the problem with the game in general. It is an emotional affair and hearts are used to think. For once, I hope brains will be the prefered software and Harry Redknapp will leave Spurs and spur England to victory in 2012. Then, Wenger can coach Spurs and Pep, Arsenal, but who wants Wenger at this point, as Pep can earn his cool bucks under no pressure at White Hart Lane.



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