Man City embarass Man U 6-1

A half dozen of goals were handed to Manchester United by Manchester City in a classic derby in which Mario Balotelli scored twice, Edin Dzeko twice, David Silva and Sergio Aguero scored one each. Balotelli drew the foul that got Jonny Evans red carded.

Darren Fletcher scored a Man U facesaver. There is sudden concern at the statement that is being tabled by City with this result. While there will be those takng this as a fluke, this will remain in the City and United fans hearts forever for different reasons. City feel they have arrived while United will be questioning their defeat as a crumbling sign.

City must be left to savour the moment after laying second fiddle to their illustrious neighbours for ages. The genuine concern of their ability to hold their own is based on the fact that they are men and managed by a man, while United are boys with men and managed by a father.

The fact that United suffered their heaviest Premier League defeat at Old Trafford may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, giving them the needed rude awakening against experienced side like Chelsea, themselves men managed by their peer.

Any victory would have done City good, but leading United by five points, is huge in its own right and the goalmargin may give them the much needed goal difference at the end of the season. Goals rained in the 22nd, 60th, 69th, 89th, 91st and 93rd minutes.

Arsenal managed a 3-1 home victory over Stoke City as Robin Van Persie started the match on the bench to bag a brace in the 67th minute. These were some of the most valuable points for the fading Gunners who were desperate to impress as they shifted off the bottom half of the table.

Gervinho opened the scoring with his maiden Emirates goal, a goal cancelled by Peter Crouch. Stoke were frankly disppointing and losing to Arsenal will leave them hurting for a long time.


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