Highlanders legends executive committee

Legend Rahman Rush Gumbo - FOHIPA Vice Chairman

The newly formed Former Highlanders Players Association, is hitting the ground running, moving fast in setting up operations and quickly looking to set up membership drive mechanisms and may even have a bank account by the time you read this.

FOHIPA was recently formed at the Bulawayo Cecil Hotel, in a meeting attended by at least 20 former Highlanders Football Club players and was chaired by the former forceful goalscorer, Zenzo Zemura Moyo, who illuminated the Barbourfields Stadium with great goals in his outstanding partnership with Joel Luphahla, then Thabani Masawi and later Sausto Phiri among others.

The meeting set up a committee and articulated the aims and objectives of the association, the name, the constitution and the election of office bearers.

The great midfield general, Tito Paketh was elected Chairman. In his heydays, Paketh scored tremendously thunderous goals from long distances and his dribbling artistry was a joy to the eye. The same can be said of his passing and passion for the game.

The post of Vice Chairman was handed to the legendary Rahman Gumbo, Bosso’s greatest coach ever. Rush served Tshilamoya and the nation with distinction, scoring memorable goals.

To rewind a little, when South Africa was re-admitted to international football after the release of President Nelson Mandela from prison, Bafana came went to Zimbabwe amid aplomb of their ‘shoe-shine piano’ football. Rahman tore that apart with one of the greatest national goals of all time. There are so many to count including that Goh Mahia thunderbolt at BF.

Netsai Moyo was elected the Secretary General of FOHIPA. ‘Super’ was the stylish and yet sure-footed player with great technical ability and a rare tactical awareness that endeared  him as the darling of the Soweto stands. His dribbling ability was a joy to watch, given he was a wing defender.

The Treasurer is one rare legend who probably is the first player ever to have played for Dynamos and then Highlanders, Collsen Mabeza. Mabeza curved way for players like Abraham Madondo to do the same. Makwinji Soma-Phiri, Lovemore Ncube and Lenny Gwata were the other players going to Dynamos in the later days.  Veteran and legendary Marko Tundu Dube was elected the Committee Member.

According to the drafted constitution, the office bearers will lead the Association for the next two years. While it may be a short time for organisational purposes for the first committee, it still remains to be seen if there may be an exception until the operations are at full throttle and whether the election of members will be staggered to avoid changing office bearers en masse.

In showing how much determined they are and how thought and planning is going into the project, Super said the Association’s bank account is still to be finalised, hoping to have it opened by end of business on Friday. He attributed the factor being some issues that needed to be clarified with and by the mother body, Highlanders Football Club.

Anyone who wants to join can email the Bosso Legends on bossolegends@gmail.com or call  Super on +263772319581 or Tito at +2630772312304.


20 comments on “Highlanders legends executive committee

    • Thanks baba, sibonga abo Rhman, Tito, Zenzo, Lawrence Phiri and all the former players who came up with the idea. Looking forward to your support in due course.

    • Toots, I am not sure but I will try to find him. ‘Tanny is a Banda’, uyawazi umthanyelo? Messi is a good player but uTanny soooo!!

    • True baba, the team is made by us. A bad team is a bad job by……. us. The more people know and help, the better the team will become.

  1. this is a great innitiative ..but can it be made public so tht we may know what really is the essence of it and maybe people may engage and support it…

    • It is very public and as the previous article said, the purpose is to bring the Bosso family together and there are a few things lined up, like the funeral plan. The medical scheme may come up but watch the space for further details.

  2. We wil forever love to ride that Bosso train always. Keep up the good work. Let us continue to move the frontier further ahead. IBosso ngenkani yakudala.

  3. Oh those dayz when iBOSSO said ‘even if we play with dynamos under water they wil never defeat us. ‘Nguban’owayekhona mzwana kudlal’ibosso’, i remember dis song, those dayz nearly every trophy waz ourz. BUILD THE TEAM&KEEP UP THE GUD JOB WE SUPPORT U GUYZ.


  4. Need any help guys get in touch you have our support. Kuhle lokhu. Good to see Mabeza coming to the fold wow!

    • Sure Maduma, it’s a great job indeed. I think while it is still early days for the FOHIPA to start sub-committees outside their spheres of influence, you can mobilise each other by getting the numbers and people, so that when all is in place, memberships and subscriptions of the Funeral plans can be handled efficiently and directly to the motherbody. It’s my own thoughts.

  5. hope this time around we will turn around the fortunes of our team that has now for years been marred by greed and selfishness.

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