The Highlanders Funeral Scheme ready

Funeral Plan to cover the whole Bosso family

Highlanders FC beat Gunners 2-1 over the weekend after a brace by Graham Ncube to give Bossolonians something to smile about after a sour defeat to Dynamos last week. As an icing on the cake, the Bosso Legends are a step away from the long awaited Highlanders Funeral Scheme.

As one of the many various and excellent schemes intended to be implemented by the Bosso Legends like the Medical Scheme, this particular undertaking will depend on the membership. The Medical Scheme plan will be to engage existing medical institutions to seek special medical policy for the group, depending on which will serve the interests of FOHIPA members best.

According to Secretary General, Netsai Super Moyo, the Funeral Scheme is at an advanced stage. The Bosso Legends are on the verge of signing a Memorandum Of Agreement with First Funeral Assurance who will be FOHIPA underwriters. The scheme will be specially designed for FOHIPA and it will go by the name of Highlanders F.C Funeral Scheme. The SG said “Once the proposal has been given the necessary amendments and the legal parts have been verified, the scheme will take off and again Membership will determine the kick off of the scheme”.

What is vital is that the scheme caters for fans, current and former players and the Highlanders Football Club employees. It provides four different plans for members to choose from and the premiums range from $10 to $25 per month. It is very similar to the one that Kaiser Chiefs have. The current membership of former players association (paid up) is at 30 and Netsai said they expected the to shoot beyond 200 just
for former players association.

The Legends have legal representation in all their matters because they come under Highlanders Football Club, as the Bosso attorneys represents the club and its affiliates in all their legal dealings. This is because FOHIPA is registered under the wing of the main stream club as a sub-wing.

FOHIPA have tremendously done well so far and had samples T-shirt with the print ‘Bosso Legends – Nothing Else Matters’ which will be the Association slogan. As the membership numbers grow, the T-Shirts will be printed and made available to those who want them. “Plans are also at an advanced stage to have Hlabangana lodge as our rendezvous”, Super added.

What is great about the whole FOHIPA idea is that efforts will be made for the Association to accommodate people around the world. People in the UK, USA, RSA and other parts of he world will be afforded the opportunity to play a part in the Highlanders family as they have Bosso at heart.

The Association will be weighing interests everywhere and the growth of numbers will determine the formation of sub committees abroad, according to Super. He emphasised that for now, owing to the size and teething problems, FOHIPA will only work as one body chaired by Tito.


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