Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs Fans Beauty contest

Harsh contrast by fans – not reflecting the facts. Or does it?

Who has more beautiful fans, Orlando Pirates or Kaizer Chiefs? As the world celebrates women and their beauty, in the year Orlando Pirates had a treble of silverware after years of waiting and a time that they have dominated Amakhosi in preseason in style, the question of whether this dominance will stick even after the departure of the Bucs coach, Rudi Krol, cannot escape our minds. But that, time will tell. As for now, we want to answer the question of the fans that really rock, Pirates or Chiefs.

For starters, the Amakhosi Amahle had taken claim of the unofficial title of the football’s beauty queens. With or without just course, this had been due to the deceiving colourful light shade the gold strip gives to the skin of those donning the shirts. I personally thought that the dark background of the black Sea Robbers outfit contrasted well with the beautiful smiles of the Happy People. Somewhere along the line there must be some truth.

I did even try to ask views of the people about who is the bomb as both side will want to claim they have the blast of the nicest women in the football arena. Maybe there is reason to believe that but what evidence is available to support that? Mostly, teams would like to claim their team have women of class. By their presence, ladies are a powerful people and their part in the matches is not just to decorate and beautify the scenes. They like the game and they have the passion. They are expressive and vocal.

There is no doubt that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and lately beer holders. Male fans at the stadia and on TVs have never failed to admire the feminine side of the game, even those on official duty like commentators. FIFA and SAFA have also tried to chip in once in a while by introducing line-ups that included women. I must admit we have been abusive enough though with our chauvinistic attitudes as many will recall the famous Andy Gray who was eventually suspended and sacked by Sky-TV  after remarking that a woman official had no clue what offside was. That took the a little shine off the beauty of the beautiful game.

From observation, many Pirates female fans enjoy good football especially now Julio Cesar Leal has maintained Krol’s team and introduced more confidence on the ball. It is easy to notice how much Chiefs ladies do Facebook during the match. That may be due to lack of interest as the Glamour Naturena Boys are still to find their rhythm as they have lost twice in the derbies already. The regalia and the dance behind the goals as we have come to be accustomed when Pirates play attest to this claim. Not that the gyrations is all there is, but it says something.

To answer this difficult question, I am selling the idea of the Miss Derby to both teams and the corporate world. I have no doubt there will be a lot of takers on this one as has been the case with the Soccer Babes. In any case, the stale joke of from the ‘Derby Ad’ has the connotations of a man who can not sleep well and mentions the name of a woman who his wife thinks he is cheating with, ‘Derby’. This time, the derby on the catwalk should settle this battle once and for all.

The beauty contest will need to be ‘Live at FNB’ just before the crunch ABSA League match or major Cup final. Judges should be either Cape Town or Bloemfontein Celtic coaches and Captains. I do not think commentators like Baba Mthethwa, Sizwe Mabhena, Tabiso Tema, Marks Maponyane and Zama Masondo would be impartial enough. The deal must entitle the winners in general to enjoy more TV coverage by both Supersport and SABC-TV.

For this result would be too official, we will have players of both teams sitting in their football kits along the catwalk enjoying some leg and judging. The referee and the 4th official will be allowed to weigh in with their views but their decisions will not have to be as final. So that the full arena is not left out, Vodacom, MTN, Cell and 8ta subscribers should then vote through smses from their hot seats in the stadia or from home.

I mentioned beer holders before, so, South African Breweries can bring in the ‘kiss of the sass hop’ to provoke the desire of the ogling men. After all, they did it with the ‘Carling – Be the coach’ campaign. On the overall, the votes would need to be cast for those of us beautifying the terraces. I have seen real beauty on the stands, especially from Pirates fans. I have no doubt that Chiefs can spring a surprise or two, since I watch less of them by comparison. In any case, the actual contest of the ‘Miss Derby’ should be for those beauty queens that colourfully and innocently grace our screens and views for free with amazing and refreshing sweetness. These are the real deal or deal breakers.

You will surely agree with me that the true beauty that has the traditional African make-up, natural dimples and broad white smiles, illuminates the beautiful game as much as Itumeleng Khune makes that breath-taking save, or as Oupa Manyisa drills that pass in midfield. Either way, that beauty is taken home with all the memories and joys of having been at the stadium or just watching on the screen from the comfort of our homes.

Who would you vote for and who do you think would take the title?


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