The Bosso Legends to consider online membership payments


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One of the points high on the agenda of the Bosso Legends, is that Bosso must have a sound and knowledgeable leadership. There must be an Executive committee better than we have seen in our lives. Rumours of Peter Ndlovu‘s interest in the Chairmanship of the club is still to be proven true and hopefully, will be the one people have been yearning for.

In sharing this vision, the Executive will need a knowledgeable, tactical, ambitious and lucky coach, a winner and schemer who will coach Bosso to its full potential. There has been too many near moments in the Africa Safari like the Sable de Batie and Young Africans scenarios that slipped by due to complacency. Local loyal coaches have proven their worth, winning more Championships and Cups than foreigners because they know the systems and cultures of locals.

Highlanders will breed the same quality players of yesteryear, who were addicted to winning and doing so in style, like the Legends. Their blood will be black and white. The Highlanders Football Academy that has been working in parallel with First Mobile Sports Academy of Canada, must be utilised to the full for the benefit of the team, to produce quality youngsters.

BF must look and feel small once again, forcing ideas to extend the stadium and fitting the roof. The Highlanders legends wish the team could attract big money, huge sponsorship. Owing to the growing numbers, they will open merchandise shop and maybe at Emagumeni, displaying everything the team has ever won, the pictures and selling memorabilia.

The Bosso Legends will be hard pressed to run the institution as a business, resulting in a professional money spinning scheme for the team. This might as well ensure a smooth operation of a Highlanders FC Funeral Plan and the Bosso Medical Aid.

Further good news is that the Highlanders Funeral Policy will be something available to people all over the world, making FOHIPA consider contributions and membership payments online. Afterall, the world has become a global village. Details will be made available according to the developments.

Opinions and ideas will be welcome and hopefully, we will be building a lasting legacy for generations to come. What do you think should be the priority for the Bosso Legends?


4 comments on “The Bosso Legends to consider online membership payments

  1. With all due respect to the legend Peter Ndlovu, such a fine player during his time and an excellent gentleman off the field, administration, at least at this point should be off limits for him.
    Technical department maybe yes. Administration, no no please, the guy is just out of depth for that one. It’s certainly not child’s play!!

    • Actually, it has come to my attention that it is not his ambition, but a sort of referundum put to the public to air their views by some of the legends and not FOHIPA. In that case, your view is something that will be taken into the hat together with various opinions from other stakeholders like yourself. In that case, thanks for your contribution.

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